Jenelle Evans Walks The Pre-Oscars Red Carpet Amid Claims of “Mystery” Illness

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Jenelle Evans on Oscars Red Carpet in LA_Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans continues to bask in her quasi-stardom, as Season 7 of Teen Mom 2 is slated to premiere March 21.

Jenelle was last seen on the Pre-Oscar Event 2016 at Beso in Hollywood, on Thursday night. Jenelle has made a miraculous recovery, according to her social media accounts, where Evans was recently seen complaining of symptoms and endless doctor visits, just days ago.

Jenelle was seen leaving an L.A. medical facility on Tuesday, after claiming that she was seeking a diagnosis for a mystery illness. The 24-year-old took to Twitter to explain to fans.

So how did Jenelle manage to rock the red carpet in heels and a tight dress, TWO days later?

Her followers are asking the same questions.

Many of her social media followers are calling foul—how did Jenelle bounce back so quickly?  Many share the same theory, and believe that Evans is trying to score prescription drugs.

The glitz will fade, and Jenelle will soon return to the humdrum life of a North Carolina mom/reality star. What do you think Jenelle’s mystery illness is—do you believe that MTV’s most famous “Teen” has slipped back into her junkie reality? Check out more photos from Jenelle‘s LA adventure!


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