EXCLUSIVE: #MarriedAtFirstSight Tres & Vanessa Russell And Sam &Neil Bowlus Are Still Married [Spoilers]

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On Tuesday night’s first half of the FYI reality series’ season finale, Ashley Doherty, 30, revealed to her husband David Norton, 29, that she wanted a divorce after six weeks of marriage despite him sharing his desire to stay married and keep working on their relationship.

Part one of the finale had very few shocking moments, including Ashley Doherty trotting out the worn out line that she “gave it her best shot” — before recommending for divorce.  

If her “best shot” includes never holding her husband’s hand, harping on how unattractive she found him, and refusing to engage in even basic conversations with him, then I agree that she gave it her all. While fans have been heartbroken watching David being continuously kicked down the rabbit hole this season, I can only imagine that fans also rejoiced that he was freed from the horror of trying to make her happy, a sisyphean task at best.

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about this story.

What about our other two couples, Tres & Vanessa Russell and Sam & Neil Bowlus? It seems clear that both couples were on their way to long-term wedded bliss, with Sam and Neil overcoming the biggest hurdles to happiness. Norton unintentionally gave away part two of the finale when he posted on his social media, “I no longer have anything in common with these two,” accompanied by a photo of Norton standing with Tres Russell and Neil Bowlus

Married At First Sight Spoiler 2 David Norton Tweet

Married At First Sight Spoiler 1

While I am sure that the FYI network is not happy with Norton’s confirmation of the outcome, I am feeling a sigh of relief that the other two couples are on the path to happiness and that David Norton is free to move on from the #MarriedAtFirstSight disaster.

Part two of the season finale has not been ruined for me. I fully expected to see the remaining two couples  make the decision to stay together. I want to know, directly from Tres and Vanessa, what they are going to do to address the insecurities they face that potentially threaten what appears to be an incredible relationship. I want to know what the true turning point was for Neil, who spent the first several weeks being emasculated by his wife, the next several weeks being treated as a daily interference in her grand life, to eventually being loved and embraced. The backstories of the final two couples are as compelling as the decisions themselves.

Are you tuning in next week? Sound off on the #MarriedAtFirstSight finale and don’t forget to check the recap here at All About the Tea!


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