Little Women: LA’s Elena Gant Expecting Twins With Husband Preston!

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Whether double trouble or double the fun, Elena Gant and husband Preston, stars of Little Women: LA are excited to find out what the future holds after learning they are pregnant with twins. The fraternal bundles of joy are due in June.

“We were very shocked!” said Elena. “Now we’re happy because it’s like a double blessing. But at first it was a big surprise, and I didn’t even know if I should be happy or I should be concerned or what.”

All pregnancies come with concerns, difficulties and challenges, and for little people it’s no different, but Elena believes everything “will all work out.”

“Then I started looking for information on the Internet, like little people with multiple pregnancies like that, and what’s the safety things I have to do because I know that even single pregnancies would be pretty hard on my body, but I think we’ll figure it out.” The reality star added, “I believe in nature, and I think that it will all work out.”

Elena can’t believe how much her body has changed already and plans to document the transition with selfies.

“I’ve been gaining a lot of weight, and every day I look in the mirror, and I see how much I grew,” Elena said with a laugh. “But I try to take pictures every week, so I can put it in like a slideshow after all.”

The reality star hopes to keep active and independent for as long as she can.

Elena explained, “I’m not very physically active lately because I feel like I gained a lot of weight [compared] to my regular body weight, but I really hope that I will try to walk and drive and be independent as long as I can in this pregnancy.”

Father to be, Preston has been doing whatever Elena asks, especially when it comes to her back pain relief.

“He does a really good back and shoulder massage for me that helps a lot because sometimes I have back pain now,” the makeup artist revealed. “He just pretty much [does] everything I ask him to — he helps me with groceries; he cooks for me, like breakfast; he lets me sleep longer. Basically, I stay in bed, and he brings breakfast to bed. It’s a very romantic time for us.”

Elena’s go to person for pregnancy tips is costar, Terra Jole, who gave birth to a daughter last March.

“She helps me a lot with her advice — I keep asking her about the strollers and the different things that she knows better because she has the same height issue as I have, and how to lift all this and fold this, and put it in the trunk.”

Congratulation to Elena and Preston on their double blessings.


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