Lisa Vanderpump Calls Yolanda Foster Out For “Berating” Her & Making “Angry” Accusations

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump, showed her aversion to exercise when she attended a Soul Cycle charity event, hosted by Kyle Richards. But at least she had fun.

“…I always see the funny side and it was for a good cause, so mission accomplished.”

Since it was LVP’s birthday, the ladies decided to offset all those burned calories for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Yolanda Hadid turned up and surprised Lisa with a bouquet.

Yolanda showed up with pink roses (excellent choice), and I was pleased as the last meeting had been littered with angry accusations, her berating me for attempting to explain Rinna‘s stance and her actions…”

At Erika’s BBQ/Carnival/Naked Manfest, Yolanda’s started spinning, a la Linda Blair, as she lashed out at Lisa Rinna. Erika got in a few digs, too. Yo and Rinna wound up hugging it out, but we all knew that was a Band-Aid. So over guacamole, Kyle and LVP whispered back and forth, wondering if the two women had really settled their differences. After all, Yolanda called Rinna bipolar. That went over like a lead balloon full of Munchhausen.

“I believe Yolanda had fired back a hypothetical diagnosis of Rinna’s bizarre behavior, calling her bipolar as a response to her initiating the Munchausen story. Tit for tat, so to speak, but the accusation resonated, although unsubstantiated her erratic actions that made no sense to many of us.”

During lunch, Yolanda also said LVP “talked shit” about her kids. Something Lisa continues to deny.

“I see clearly that Yolanda has an undeniable aggression toward me, and I am sorry for that…I was steadfast in my resolve to…refrain from any discussion regarding Lyme out of loyalty to the family. I vehemently defended Bella previously…”

After Yolanda’s sharp words, Lisa’s thought bubble read, “deuces, bitches, it’s my birthday and I don’t have to listen to this smack.” So she took her flowers and went home.

So the day after Lisa’s birthday, she held a dinner. Kyle, Eileen Davidson and Kathryn Edwards showed up. Instead of bringing gifts, Kathryn repeated all the shit talk that Erika Girardi had been spewing. Happy Birthday, Lisa—your new friend hates you!

Kathryn relayed her conversation with Erika with, I believe, good intention… She was looking after my welfare, so she repeated the statement Erika had made. I don’t know why it hurt me so much…at the initial dinner with Erika and her husband Tom, I took it in good humor–his assertion that I was akin to an alligator. I never met him before that dinner, complimented him and was gracious. Now my perception is different. I understand now how I misinterpreted that…”

I’m not sure that Kathryn’s intention was to have Lisa’s back. But I digress. Because the real kicker is that Eileen turned the whole situation back toward herself.

“It really surprised and dismayed me that Eileen felt compelled to reignite the subject matter of our misunderstanding in the Hamptons. She was here at my house, I believed all was well, they were all mimicking me–which gets old really quickly…I have said “sorry” three times, sorry for inadvertently touching on a subject that had already been brought out in the open a couple of times, sorry for asking her questions about her life–I was actually sorry, sorry for ever engaging in any conversation with her whatsoever…”

Eileen feels that when LVP asked about her marriage to husband, Vincent, she was out of line. Instead of just putting a stop to it, Eileen took a few days to marinate, confronted Lisa, and then felt unsatisfied with Lisa’s apology. So naturally, this is why Erika has a hate on for LVP.


Eileen is boring at the best of times. Tedious at the worst. This week, she went beyond tedious to “Oh my God, shut up already” territory.

So I ask you, was Eileen right to ask for another apology? Lisa didn’t exactly handle it with sensitivity, but then she’d just been blindsided by Erika’s hurtful accusation. And did Kathryn tell the group because she wanted to support Lisa or is she merely a shady backstabber?


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