Kim Fields Defends Her Marriage & Hints Kenya Moore’s Apology Was Insincere

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NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks had their work cut out for them this week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They tried in vain to teach Kim Fields how to “read ” a person. Or at the very least stand up for herself.

Mostly, it fell on deaf ears, even though NeNe and Phaedra threw themselves into the spirit of it, even going so far as to role play Kim and Kenya Moore. I think they were trying to make up for taking part in bashing Kim’s husband, Chris.

This week, Kenya accused Kim of living a fake life. Kim just blinked a few times, then shuffled off to bed. The next day, she finally told Kenya that her marriage was not a topic to be discussed and asked for Kenya’s respect. The shocking part in all of this was the fact that Cynthia Bailey, our spineless jellyfish, actually stood up for Kim. You know you’re weak when Cynthia feels the need to step in on your behalf.

“All I know how to be is myself. All the world has known of me since my childhood is me being true to myself.”

Kim doesn’t seem worried about those rumors swirling the interwebz regarding her husband.

“I’m so grateful to have an incredibly full and #BlessedLife. Blessings are not fake. Fascinating to witness ‘Unhinging in Jamaica,’ the mini-series.”

Kenya apologized, but Kim’s dubious.

“Only time can tell if an apology is sincere, based on the actions in the wake of the apology.”

Oh, dear Lord. Kim, honey. You are boring me to the point of tears. Tears! Stand up for yourself. Get an opinion. Get a personality. And if you already have one, let the rest of us see a glimpse of it.

Are you over Kim or is it just me? NeNe’s furniture has more life than Kim.


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