Yolanda Foster Blasts Kyle Richards For Pointing Out Her Hypocrisy & Defends Her Email to Kyle — Read Email HERE!

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Yolanda Hadid decided to forgo Bravo and wrote her blog on her own personal website. And it was a tome, people. Perhaps writing down her feelings of being slighted and feeling superior is cathartic? Anyway, settle in. It might take a while to parse through this. 

Last night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda was much calmer than last week’s BBQ where she skewered Lisa Rinna like a shrimp satay. She met up with the ladies for lunch and even brought Lisa Vanderpump some lovely pink flowers. But when Kyle Richards and Vanderpump whispered amongst themselves, Yolanda wasn’t having it.

“In my culture whispering in the company of others is considered rude…Getting dressed, buying flowers for LVP’s birthday and showing up to lunch was a great personal accomplishment for me but I have learned now that I can’t assume people will understand how that feels unless they have been in my shoes and walked this journey.”

But the ladies were still bothered by the fact that Yolanda suggested Rinna was bipolar. It seemed a case of tit for tat after Rinna’s Munchhausen comment.

“I solely used the word bipolar for argument’s sake but I realize now that it seems like an eye for an eye, which was not my intent and I apologize if it came across that way. I never went out into the world and judged Rinna’s behavior in Amsterdam when it actually happened a year and a half ago, I never spoke in public about her outrageous texts to my friend Kim Richards because that wasn’t my battle to fight.”

*sound of a record screeching* No, Yolanda did NOT use that word for argument’s sake. She worded her accusation in such a way as to have deniability. “I could call Rinna bipolar, but I would never do that.” A cowardly way to accuse someone, no?

“I excepted [sic] Lisa’s R [sic] apology when she visited me at my home and was grateful that she showed up and owned her mistake. Yet, her words are out in the universe and I must admit that once I read the definition of “Manshausen” [sic] it hurt and definitely infuriated me. It was hard to understand why anyone would make such a distorted and untrue statement related to my health journey…”

Lots and lots of words get put out into the universe. Brandi Glanville calling Bella an alcoholic, for example. But putting the word “bipolar” into the universe doesn’t matter? No in Yolanda’s world.

“…Lisa R has come into this group of woman and consistently labeled people without any qualification to do so but at least she owns her shit and I trusted we moved on.”

Yolanda’s problem this week is that Kyle called her out for labeling Rinna. Yolanda wanted to put that to bed and move on, but Kyle wanted to know why Yoyo was acting like such a hypocrite. Yolanda, however, sees it differently. In her version of the story, she’s the victim.

“…Kyle’s attitude particularly felt unauthentic to me and I still don’t quite understand why she is telling me to give her a break……? a break for unauthenticly producing the show and creating added drama at my expense?”

So she’s saying that since Kyle is a producer she’s stirring up trouble? Well, Kyle was most definitely stirring the shit last night. For ratings or just to get to the bottom of Yolanda’s bizarre behavior—we may never know. Either way, Yolanda wasn’t feeling it.

“It’s interesting how the woman have gone from judging my health journey, my no make up look, my happy selfies, my sad selfies, my character, my integrity and now as Kathryn mentioned; My tone? Yes, my tone is strong…I am righteous and not afraid to speak my truth…”

Clearly. In fact, Yolanda is so adamant about her truth, she went home and penned an email to Kyle, CC’ing all the ladies so that her words were not misconstrued.

“…For you to go down so hard on me in order to create drama or what you think is good TV is beyond my understanding and it left me quite confused. Living in a very isolated world i [sic] am not used to being attacked in such an unkind way… I do believe that the show is a collaboration of all of us but trying to co-produce with such a desperate measures felt extremely unauthentic to say the least… Your lack of compassion and understanding is not a pretty look.”

Yolanda Foser_RHOBH

And what about that comment Yolanda made, about her keeping a lot in the vault. Was she really threatening to expose Kyle’s secrets? Because—and I’m just surmising here, so swing with me—but Yolanda has remained close to Kim. Kim is unstable in the best of times. Could she have told Yolanda private things about Kyle? I think it’s possible. But Yolanda claims the vault is something different.

“The vault’ to me means: a safe and vulnerable space in our hearts – where we share a certain integrity and keep each other’s wellbeing as our first priority- I don’t feel the need to share private matters off any of these women or their families because I care for them as human beings and exposing private matters to the public would just make me feel like a distrustful human being.”

And then she writes this whopper.

“I really don’t feel the need to put others down in order to build myself up which seems to be the motto around here.”

Seriously? That’s all Yolanda has done this entire season. Hello—bipolar?!

If Yolanda had shown some grace and humor about her situation, people would rally to her cause. Instead, she grows more sanctimonious each week.

I’ll leave you with these questions: was Kyle wrong to confront Yolanda? And what happened to the Yolanda who blew through Beverly Hills like a wave of lemon-scented air? Was that woman just a mirage? And was all that vault talk really a threat?


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