Inside The Tearful Prison Visit Between Apollo Nida & His Sons! [Details]

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On an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks, finally takes her two boys, Dylan, 2 and Ayden, 5 to visit their daddy in the big house. It’s been a year since the children have seen their father.

Apollo, 37, is currently serving eight years at Fort Dix Correctional Facility for federal fraud charges. He also must pay $1.9 in restitution. When he is released Apollo will be 45 and his boys will be 10 and 13.

Cameras were not allowed inside the facility and only follow Phaedra on her journey to and from, but an insider is reporting what went down at the “extremely emotional” reunion.

“Apollo tried to not break down in tears when he first saw the boys,” the insider told Radar. “He couldn’t believe how much they had grown, especially Dylan. Phaedra told the kids they were going to visit their dad where he was now working.”

Daddy is making license plates instead of stealing them, but Apollo was reportedly very grateful to Phaedra for finally brining his children.

“Apollo expressed his gratitude to Phaedra for bringing the kids, and she promised to bring them again soon,” the insider revealed. “Phaedra had to fly to New Jersey from Atlanta, and it’s not easy to do with two young kids. But she will never keep the boys from their father.”

The reunion lasted several hours and when it was time to say good-bye, “the tears were flowing from both parents,” said the insider. “But even though they are getting a divorce, Apollo and Phaedra have been co-parenting and putting the kids first.”

As much as that’s possible when one parent is incarcerated.


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