Kathryn Edwards Explains Why She Spilled Everything Erika Girardi Said To The Ladies!

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Kathryn Edwards on WWHL_RHOBH

On Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathryn Edwards, and actress/Bravo superfan, Debra Messing.

As soon as Andy introduced the ladies, Debra turned to Kathryn and said, “What the f*#@ were you thinking?” Obviously she was talking about Kathryn’s cozying up to Erika Girardi, then running to Lisa Vanderpump and repeating everything Erika said.

Kathryn defended herself.

“I’m an honest person. I get thrown under the bus if I don’t say something. Cuz we all know the truth comes to the surface. So for me, I met them both at the same time. I’m not shady. I’ll say it to your face.”

Donnie Edwards slipped behind the bar, and Andy called him the hottest househusband of all the franchises.

We saw embarrassing photos of Debra Messing from her high school years and a clip from Seinfeld, where she guest starred in the yada yada episode.

Then we got a sneak peek of next week’s show. Kim and Kyle Richards finally sit down and talk. Kim looks healthy, at least. She claims that she doesn’t want to bring up anything from the past, but if it does resurface, she and Kyle need to talk it out. (That’s never been this family’s strong suit. They prefer denial over reality.) Kyle feels like Kim hates her. In her talking head, Kim broke down in tears and said, “I guess I’m hard to love.”

Now, I’ve never been Kim Richards’ biggest fan. She gets mean and nasty. She deflects and doesn’t like to take responsibility for her words and actions. But to see her so vulnerable was really heartbreaking. I hope she gets the help she needs.

Next, a caller asked if Debra was still Team Rinna this season.

“She’s got a big mouth. She throws out these words and gets into trouble. But you’ve got to love a woman who goes on the radio and talks about the dildos that she loves.”

Kathryn got a lot of viewer hate from claiming friendship with Erika and then turning around and spilling everything she said to the other ladies. Shade. Y. Does Kathryn owe Erika an apology?

“Yes, but can I also place it in chronological order? That I said I wanted to be her friend and I didn’t know she was going to be stabbing Vanderpump. I love Erika, I really do. But when I said that it was before she started backstabbing Vanderpump. I tell it to your face. I’m not a big behind-your-back talker.”

Apparently, during the OC season, Debra got very heated on Twitter. Andy asked if she thought Vicki Gunvalson knew Brooks was a big fat liar from Liarsville.

“She totally knew. Vicki knew. She got me really, really mad. She was so sanctimonious, and when she compared herself to Jesus Christ, I was like okay, I’m out.”

When they finally met, Kathryn and Faye Resnick didn’t exactly hit it off. So what did Kathryn really want to say to Faye?

“If she would have said something to me, I kind of had a little barrage…she should get a new Wikipedia page and she had no place, because of the fact that she was in rehab when it all went down, to come out and write a book. Right?”

To set the record straight, Kathryn hasn’t read Faye’s book—still—and she didn’t watch the OJ movie. And it recently surfaced that Heather Dubrow said Marcus Allen hit on her at a CBS party—back when he was married to Kathryn. “No comment on the timing, but no I was not.” But then she went on to say, “She’s a beautiful woman and more power to him.”

Has Kathryn forgiven Faye?  “I have. I think Faye is in a much better place. I’m all about letting bygones be bygones.”

Kathryn knew OJ very well. She got married at his house, but she’s no longer in touch with him.

“I keep in touch with AC. Al Cowlings. I love him.”

And she really hasn’t she seen any of The People vs. OJ Simpson? “I’ve seen snippets on shows when they show clips of it, yeah. I mean, c’mon. No.”

Now the million dollar question. Did OJ do it?

“It’s one of those things you don’t want to believe that someone you cared about and were friends with was capable of something like that. So I don’t prefer to like, even entertain that.”

Debra said, “He did it.”

Kathryn threw her a look, then shrugged. Back in the day, she was also close with the Kardashians. She’s not in touch with Kris. “If I see her, of course we talk. We don’t hang out.”

She was asked to testify in the trial for the defense, but didn’t.

“We fought the subpoena. We did not come back for it. We really wanted to stay out of it. At that stage of the game it’s such a tragic, tragic thing and we didn’t want to be involved.”

Game time was a rousing rendition of Bravowood Squares. Debra won, and Kathryn swore so much she had to be bleeped a few times. So much for the woman who was trying to school Erika on appropriate words.

Okay, what do you make of Kathryn? Has she really forgiven Faye after all these years? And what made her turn her back on Erika in favor of Vanderpump?


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