Cynthia Bailey Supports Kenya Moore’s Apology On The Chris Rumor

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All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8

Cynthia Bailey, of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, stayed mum when talk turned to Kim Fields and her husband’s sexuality. But the other ladies indulged in gossip. Sheree Whitfield, our resident truth bearer, spilled the tea to Kim, letting her know all the ladies had been talking. But Cynthia’s hands were clean on this one.

“When Sheree brought up the Chris rumors to Kim, I was glad I had no part in the earlier conversations regarding his sexuality. My husband has consistently been a hot topic amongst some of the ladies in the group, and regardless of whether or not a rumor has any validity, once it is out there it never really goes away.”

Kenya Moore was hurt and angry that Cynthia cut her out of the commercial and also denied their close friendship. But it was Kenya who wound up apologizing.

“I felt Kenya‘s apology was very sincere and I was happy to receive it. In my heart I know that Kenya is my friend and only wants the best for me, as I only want the best for her.”

Is Cynthia flipflopping on the status of their friendship yet again? Not exactly.

“Best friend or not, her friendship means the world to me and I never meant to intentionally do anything to hurt her feelings. For that, I am truly sorry. Looking back, I wish I had been clearer about our relationship in Jamaica and expressed myself accordingly.”

Kenya also issued an apology to Kim. Will those two crazy kids ever get along? Cynthia remains optimistic.

“I hope that one day Kenya and Kim can get past their issues and at least be cool again. I have been in this circle six years now. I have seen the best of friends fallout and ladies who were never close become thick as thieves. Anything is possible!!!”

Do you take a side in this CynthiaKenya BFF situation? If so, whose side are you on?


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