RECAP: Love & Hip Hop New York — MariahLynn Tries To Expose A Secret About Moe [Season 6, Episode 10]

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It’s been a few weeks since we’ve checked in with drama on Love & Hip Hop New York. We left off with a little cliffhanger. Peter “I can’t keep my pants on” Gunz puts his messy life aside, and organizes a sit down with Cisco and Rich Dollaz. He wants them to hash out their drama. He wants “The Creep squad” to be brothers again. Cisco still holding a grudge from LAST YEAR. He says Rich still hasn’t apologized. Rich disagrees. He says they’ve had conversations. He’s always been straight up with Cisco. He was only trying to look out for Cisco. He wanted Cisco to know Mariah was creeping around. Cisco argues a bit, but he admitted he was wrong for putting his hands on Rich. Rich apologized for his part. There we go. The creep squad back on the prowl.

All About The Tea_LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York

Young B’s been thinking about her unprofessional behavior lately. She knows she needs to calm down. She’s decided to focus on her music. She’s getting prepared for “Gwinin Fest XXL.” Yandy is happy Young B is finally getting her act together. She’s all about second chances. To reward Young B. for her new outlook and professionalism, Yandy introduces her to dancers she’s worked with in the past.

Yorma broke up with DJ Self. He’s now trying to stay drama free, and focus on the upcoming Gwinin Fest XXL. Speaking of drama, Cardi walks in. She’s wondering why she’s doing all kinds of favors for Self, but he’s not helping her with her music. He hasn’t heard any of her music. Apparently that makes her a stripper with a few songs. He says she needs to learn the music business. Cardi wants him to tutor her. Self says she needs to put some of her music on a flash drive and give it to him. If it sucks, he won’t beat around the bush about it. Cardi says she wants his honest opinion.

All About The Tea_LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York

Moe’s been doing some thinking lately. She appreciates everything Yandy has done for her, but after that blow up in the studio with Young B, she’s been re-evaluating everything because she’s not into all the messiness. Moe wants her ‘Partna-n-Crime’ back. Lexxy comes over, and since they haven’t spoken in a while Moe fills Lexxy in on what happened in the studio. Moe wants to get BBOD back together. Oh how the tables have turned. Lexxy loves Moe, but her selfishness is what broke them up to begin with. Lexxy isn’t sold on the reunion. She’s doing big things independently. She had a studio session with French Montana! Then Moe says something that peaked her interest. A label is interested in BBOD. They’re going to be at Gwinin Fest. Lexxy’s still a little weary. She’s not sure it’s in her best interest to get BBOD back together.

All About The Tea_LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York

Remy Ma is in wedding planning mode. She meets Rah Ali in a wedding dress shop. Remy gave Rah the task of finding her perfect wedding dress. Unlike Yandy, Rah knows what Remy really wants. Remy is on a wedding diet and apparently everyone in her wedding party has to be skinny. So, Rah is also on a diet. Remy mentions her sisters when she’s talking about her bridesmaids. Rah takes the opportunity to switch into “Dr. Felisha” is more into Remy’s family drama. Remy’s been having all kinds of life drama. She has drama with the mother-in-law, her own mother, and one of her sisters. How did her wedding not turn into a hot mess? Rah is finished with the therapy session. It’s time to try on her dream wedding dress.

All About The Tea_LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York

Peter’s messy life affects more than just Tara and Amina. It’s affecting his daughter Whitney. (Amina keeps calling her.) Peter’s stressed out because he’s having a ninth child. Whitney’s disappointed in her dad. She’s over it herself, but she’s disappointed for her other siblings. Peter spreads himself so thin it takes time away from his other children. Peter says it’s the story of his life. Whitney says it’s sad. Peter’s cried about it. Translation: Peter felt sorry for himself and the huge mess he’s made, but changes nothing about his behavior. Having another baby wasn’t part of Peter’s plan. They talk about the example Peter’s been for his other children. He knows his behavior affects his daughter. Whitney starts crying. She knows her dad has such a good heart. She thinks her dad has a problem. Well thank you captain obvious! After Whitney gets herself back together, she asks her dad if he’s thought about getting a vasectomy. She says he should do it for his kids. She doesn’t want any more siblings. Peter thinks his daughter may be right.

All About The Tea_LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York

Mendeecees is getting his sneaker line together. He has 2 of his kids with him. Mendeecees is getting everything together to make sure his kids are being taken care of when he goes to prison. He’s “in a meeting” until Yandy comes in with 2 more kids. She feels bad bringing chaos to his meetings, but that’s what their life is about these days. When Mendeecees is traveling to meetings all over the country, Yandy is back home taking care of three boys and a baby girl. Mendeecees and Yandy want all the baby mamas to get along for the kids. Yandy says she loves the boys like her own, and she wants everyone to be one big happy family. Mendeecees says maybe someday everyone will be on the same page.

All About The Tea_LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York

Cardi is in the studio laying down a track called “Stripper Ho.” Mariah Lynn comes in to support her friend, and make sure Cardi’s going to be a Gwinin Fest. Cardi says Self hasn’t invited her, so she doesn’t care. She’s not going to support his event when he doesn’t support her. Mariah asks about Cardi’s incarcerated boyfriend. Cardi says he doesn’t support her dreams. Mariah says it’s not about what he wants. She should live her dreams. Mariah wants to cheer her friend Cardi up. She has a nice cup of tea to spill. Mariah was digging up dirt on “Bum Bitches On Deck” when she discovered something very interesting. Moe filed a restraining order on Young B. Mariah says Moe’s a bonified snitch.

It’s Gwinin Fest XXL night, and everyone’s turned out to hear the new talent. There are judges. The winner gets a track produced by someone important, and they get to rock out on Self’s radio show. Yandy’s ready to support all the young women. Translation: She doesn’t want to choose between her 2 messy artists. Young B. is ready to show Yandy the hard work she’s been putting in, isn’t wasted.

Across the club, Rah spots a red-head she had an altercation with in a strip club. The woman is hanging out with Yandy and Rah knows Yandy brought her. She feels like Yandy might be trying to piss her off on purpose. She knows she should be professional, but respect is more important. All the sudden, Rah gets a bottle and throws it at her rival. All kinds of security guards jump in and Rah is escorted off the property. Yandy’s shocked. She says this is an industry event. Not cool. Remy follows Rah out of the club to check on her. Rah fills her in on what happened and the backstory. Remy knows she has to check in with Yandy because Rah and Yandy need to get along. They’re both planning her wedding. That all has to wait.

All About The Tea_LHHNY Love & Hip Hop New York

The show starts. BBOD reunites, Mariah says “never never bitch” a lot, and Young B lip synchs. She has a well-choreographed routine, but she’s not really rapping or singing. It’s obvious. After it’s all over, the judges start their deliberations.

Mariah meets Young B backstage. Mariah is confident BBOD won’t be winning anything. Lexxy goes backstage as well. Mariah sucks up a bit before dropping the Restraining Order “Moe’s a snitch” bomb. Mariah just couldn’t help herself. She was too excited and couldn’t keep it to herself. Moe walks up right as Lexxy is reading it. Young B just laughs because she knows exactly what Mariah’s holding. A bunch of bleeps follow. Then Mariah and Moe start fighting. There must be hair pulling because part of Mariah’s weave comes out. The second fight of the night. Maybe Gwinin Fest isn’t meant to be. There’s always SO much drama. Mariah’s heated. She’s ready for a rematch, but the bodyguards keep them apart. Moe just laughs.

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There’s a cliffhanger at the end of the episode. Right before Self reads who the winning is, the show ends. We have to wait for next week to find out who won the sh*tshow aka Gwinin Fest.


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