Nene Leakes Dishes On Kim Fields’ Hubby Gay Rumor, Kenya Moore’s New Boyfriend & #RHOA Drama!

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Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Nene Leakes had Andy Cohen’s undivided attention. Well, she had to share it with her exposed bazoombas, but at least she didn’t have to sit next to another guest.

NeNe talked about being back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the trip to Jamaica. Kenya Moore caused quite a stir during the trip, and her boyfriend, Matt, said he loved her. So what does NeNe think of him?

“It’s really good for Kenya to find love, though…at first I didn’t think he was the one for Kenya, but I’ve seen him and Kenya together. I think Kenya’s feeling him.”

On the trip, when talk turned to Kim Fields’ husband Chris being gay, NeNe denies that she ever said “fruity” but NeNe did say, “I don’t know if he can host Fashion Queens or not. He does tap dance.”

Andy accused Nene in being part of the pile up on Chris, but she denied it. “I was not. Let’s be clear Andy Cohen, you are not going to throw me under the bus.” Apparently, Bravo chose not to air the footage of Chris getting salty with NeNe, Phaedra, and Porsha. He later apologized, but that’s why they were talking about him. Payback’s a bitch.

Chris was recently at my home during Superbowl. I do not think Chris is gay.”

Kim tweeted up a storm tonight and most of her thunder was directed at Kenya. She called Kenya fake and was very upset that Kenya questioned Chris’s sexuality.

On tonight’s episode, we watched NeNe and Phaedra role play as they tried to teach Kim how to read. Next, Andy showed some of the best reads of the season and NeNe rated them.

When Phaedra said that Todd was in need of money, since his TV business dried up and his weekly allowance from Kandi wasn’t keeping him afloat. NeNe’s grade: A+

Porsha on supporting Kenya’s dreams: haircare line, house, and husband. All those imaginary things—Porsha was there to support it. NeNe’s grade: A

Kenya calling Kim a confused prostitute at Disney World. NeNe’s grade: B

Kim on saying she’s directed hundreds of hours of TV. NeNe: “Almost a D.”

When Kandi responded to Phaedra’s complaint that Kandi had kept Apollo’s toys in her garage, saying, “Feds is coming to you about way more than this motorbike and four wheeler, I am sure.” Nene laughed and gave that one an A+.

Sheree to Kenya: “Anybody has built a house before, if they have not, keep renting.” NeNe’s grade: A

And what did Nene think about Sheree spilling all the Chris/Chrissy talk Kim?

“I knew Sheree was going to say something…I was shocked at what she was saying though. I was shocked that she googled to find out if he was fruity.”

Kenya apologized twice tonight—once to Kim and once to Cynthia. Does NeNe think that apology was sincere? “I did not think Kenya was sincere at all. I was rolling my eyes and everything.”

Why did NeNe act appalled when Sheree brought up the questions about Chris when NeNe had a part in it?

“Y’all stop acting like…No really, seriously, I said it in the show—I love a good laugh. The things Kenya was saying were really funny, and I will laugh at anything, but after a while I thought it was going a little bit far.”

How is her friendship with Cynthia?

Cynthia and I are still a work in progress. But we’re really good friends…we can’t deny the chemistry we have…it’s one of those things I can’t help…”

Porsha has changed since her first season on the show. For the better?

“Some things and some things not. You know when we first met her, she was the first lady…she couldn’t even go to the strip club. Now she’s Queen of the THOTs.”

In NeNe’s opinion, does Kim fit in?

“No, not really. Now, I like Kim. Let’s just be clear about that. I really do like Kim…there’s something about Kim that’s cool on the show, that’s she different than all of us…but there’s parts when I’m watching the show that she doesn’t fit in…like Kim never ever watched reality TV before.”

On Sheree and Bob Whitfield: “I was shocked to see Sheree and Bob together. Sheree and I have always had a good time.”

Andy countered, “No you actually haven’t, honey.” He mentioned the last reunion Sheree attended. There was a lot of “fix that face” “fix that body” talk.

NeNe disagreed. “We’ve known each other for years…that’s the first time in our lives we’ve ever had an argument.”

Andy didn’t let her off the hook. “But that was like a three year argument.”

Nene was adamant. “But before that, Sheree and I were always good friends.”

Not everyone was happy to see NeNe turn up in Jamaica. Which Housewife surprised her?

“I was really surprised that Phaedra and Porsha didn’t give me a warm welcoming because we’re like, good friends.”

NeNe got to know The Donald on Celebrity Apprentice. So, would Trump a good president?

“He probably would make a good president. He’s gained a lot of momentum. I’m not…look, I’m not voting for Donald but I like Donald as a person. He’s going to be tough to beat.”

Next, they played a Housewife trivia game in which NeNe only knew one of the answers. Her excuse? She doesn’t watch any of the shows.

Back to Atlanta. A caller wondered why Phaedra talked about God, but acted like a floozy? NeNe’s eyes widened as she very slowly took a drink of her cocktail and refused to answer.

The poll question asked if Matt is the one for Kenya. He lost by a slim margin. 51% said no. NeNe had her own view.

“I don’t know that Matt’s the one, but it’s really good seeing Kenya with someone, someone to focus her attention on. That means she won’t have to come for us.”

When Andy mentioned the rumors that Kenya was pregnant, NeNe shot it down.

“I don’t believe that. I was just with Kenya on her birthday and she had a cocktail. Actually, she had a couple. Not even thirty days ago.”

So, did NeNe add some zest to Jamaica or should she have stayed home? And do you think Kenya’s apologies were sincere?


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