RECAP: The Amazing Race “You Look Like Gollum” [Season 28, Episode 2]

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The Amazing Race S28E2

On this week’s episode of The Amazing Race, the teams meet Phil in Mexico where they put together Mexican style fireworks and met over 200 Mariachi players. Then they mined for pieces to a tribal mask. Dana and Matt danced their way into first place. Blair and her dad checked in last, but it was a non-elimination leg.

Blair brought a curling iron and a blow dryer. Phil was surprised. Why? I have no idea. She does hair and make-up tutorials. Would you expect anything less? Anyways, onto the race we go!

The first team to take off was Dana and Matt. They ripped open their clue. The teams are on their way to Cartagena, Columbia. So, the teams made their way to the airport. Dana/Matt, Tyler/Korey, Brodie/Kurt, Burnie/Ashley booked the first flight. Their arrival time is 8:59am. The magical married couple, The Instagram models, The Clevver reporters, and the popular vine heart-throb booked the second flight arriving at 9:37am. Marty bragged about her airport navigation skills, but they weren’t fast enough. The Clevver girls booked the last spot on the second flight. They booked the third flight arriving at 10:00am. Darius & Cameron stumbled their way through the airport. Apparently mom didn’t teach them how to be assertive enough. They got lost. They finally found the ticket counter. They booked the last flight 10:30am.

The flights started arriving in Cartagena, Colombia. The first four teams ran through the airport and hopped in taxis. Their first Colombian destination was the volcano of Totumo. Road Block: “Who’s a hot mess?” The teams jump into their bathing suits, and enter the volcano. After submerging themselves in mud, they have to search for an emerald. Then deliver it to an attendant on the lakeshore. After they deliver the emerald, they have to swim to their next clue.

Brodie and Dana were first in the volcano. Brodie got a head start running up the slippery steps to the volcano when Dana was changing into her bathing suit. By the time she made it into the volcano Brodie found a satchel with an emerald in it. Dana found a satchel, but the stone was pink. She decided to take a chance. She made her way down the stairs to the attendant. Brodie was already swimming to the next clue. Wah Wah Wahhhh…Dana’s stone wasn’t an emerald, so she had to once again make her way back to the mud.

Ashley and Korey decided to take a mud bath. Unfortunately, on his way down the hill Korey drops the emerald. It tumbles down the hill. Korey is forced to go back into the mud and search for another emerald. Dana and Ashley get their next clue. Burnie admires the ladies swimsuits. A perk of waiting on the sidelines while Ashley digs through the mud.

The Amazing Race S28E2 Mud run

Brodie gets to the next clue first. He swims back to land (slowly.) Kurt and Brodie are in first place. The rip open their next clue. Their next clue sends them to the juice stand of Mello Farandula Jugos Naturales in Manzanillo del Mar. 

Back at the airport, the other teams land and race to the taxis. They arrive at the roadblock. Blair, Jessica, and Joslyn opt to take the mud bath. Blair runs into trouble because apparently a curling iron, and blow dryer are more important than a bathing suit. Rachel has some extra spandex for Blair. The girls make their way to the volcano. Marty/Hagan and Darius/Cameron are the last two teams to arrive.

At Mello Farandula Jugos Naturales, Brodie & Kurt arrived to find a group of men sitting at a table next to a natural juice stand. Their next clue is a Detour: Pop-Up or Parrilla. In Pop-Up, teams had to build a shelter on the beach using wooden poles, tarps and wire. When their shelter was approved, a local would drive a car beneath it, and hand over their next clue. If they choose Parrilla, teams had to prepare three plates of fried fish, plantains and rice, and serve them to the locals. Brodie/Kurt Burnie/Ashley, Dana/Matt, and Tyler/Korey all chose Pop-Up. 

Back at the roadblock Sheri/Cole and Brittany/Jessica ripped the clue, with Cole and Brittany opting for it. Up in the volcano, Blair and Joslyn find emeralds. When they climbed out of the mud, Erin, standing below, said, “This looks… kind of naughty.” Blair complains about her hair. Daddy’s very supportive. Scott shouts to Blair that her hair looked great. Joslyn and Blair find emeralds, but Rachel struck out. She has to get back into the mud and search again. Jessica is worried about how her butt looks. She’s a model. Nuff said. Finally, the mother/daughter team arrives. The Vine brothers are hot on their tail.

Over at the detour: Dana/Matt, Burnie/Ashley and Tyler/Korey arrived on the beach and began building their shelters. They have to dig holes deep enough for the support poles, and Burnie/Ashley also noticed that the forked pole tops all had to face parallel to the beach. Beams laid black mesh tarps over the top of their shelters. Dana starts bitching about the lack of communication going on with her teammate. Teams then began tying down the tarp with the wires. Ashley complained about being too short. Tyler/Korey once again took the lead. Dana/Matt were ready to be judged. They got a big thumbs down. So, they went back to work on their shelter. Brodie/Kurt’s shelter was also rejected. Their poles weren’t deep enough in the ground. Tyler & Korey were judged and approved. A car rolled in under their shelter, and they celebrated. They took first place, and it told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop. The Plaza Bolivar. Tyler/Korey ran for their taxi. The Frisbee boys noticed and wondered how that’s even possible.

The Amazing Race S28E2 Korey and Tyler

Back to the roadblock where the last two teams searched through the mud. Cameron found an emerald first. Marty wondered how they dropped into last place.

Erin/ Joslyn chose Parrilla, while Zach/Rachel and Sheri/Cole chose Pop-Up. Scott/Blair learned that they’d find their Speed Bump at the Detour. Blair didn’t want to be in a foot race with the vine bros because they’re scary athletic. Zach/Rachel didn’t read their clue correctly. They ran onto the beach and chose a shelter site. They thought they were supposed to build a detached shelter next to the example, rather than adding onto it. Sheri/Cole arrived while the Frisbee boys were discouraged watching Tyler/Korey leave. Their shelter was approved. They ripped open their next clue and off they went to the pit stop. Second place isn’t bad is it?

Erin/Joslyn arrived at Parrilla, and watched the chefs scaled and gutted some snapper. Then they studied the sample plate, which consisted of fried fish and plantains, rice, and vegetables.

On the beach, Scott/Blair found out what their speed bump was. They had to help haul in a large fishing net, and then pick up the fish. They discovered it’s not as easy as it looks. Blair said something about it being harder than CrossFit and Pilates together.

Brittany/Jessica arrived and chose Parrilla. Zach and Rachel were finishing up their detached shelter. They wondered if it was in the right place. (Briefly.) Zach thinks it’s ok, so they continue. Matt/Dana continued having communication issues, and disagreements.  

Bernie/Ashley finished the detour in third place. The models started scaling their fish. After finishing their speed bump, the father/daughter team headed over to cook some fish. Joslyn said a little prayer before dropping her fish into the oil.

Tyler and Korey got to the pit stop first. The reward was a trip to St. Thomas.

The mother/daughter team finally finish the road block.

Rachel/Zach figure out they built their shelter in the wrong place. They gather their shelter, and move to the right place. The Vine Brothers got to the detour, but they start looking for a clue box instead of getting it from the guys sitting right there.

The Frisbee brothers hit the mat in second place followed by Ashley/Burnie. Dana/Matt arrived at the pit stop in fourth place

Darius/Cameron aka the lost boys get to the beach and continue to look for a clue box. Luckily Joslyn/Blair filled them in. The headed back to town to get their clue. Zach/Rachel continued to rebuild their shelter while. Jessica finished frying her fish, and Scott dropped their fish on the ground.

Darius/Cameron arrive back at the fruit stand and choose parrilla. Marty/Hagan also choose parrilla. Darius/Cameron begin scaling their fish, and Scott/Blair’s fish is undercooked. Brittany/Jessica were first to finish parrilla. The finished up by delivering the finished dishes to customers. The models finished fifth followed by Joslyn/Erin who took a close sixth.

Marty/Hagan hoped to catch up doing parrilla because it’s a little more up their alley. Rachel/Zach finish pop up in seventh place followed by Sheri/Cole. After cooking their fish a little more, Blair/Scott finish in ninth place. The last two teams are Marty/Hagan and Darius/Cameron.

Erin/Joslyn, Zach/Rachel, and Brittany/Jessica checked into the pit stop in Fifth, sixth, and seventh place.

Marty/Hagan finish their rice. Darius/Cameron struggle. They have to start over. Sheri/Cole checked in eighth place. Marty/Hagan finish and start their very long run for their taxi.

Blair/Scott are relieved when they check in ninth. The mother/daughter team continue to run with a mile to go. Darius/Cameron continue cooking. They get approved and run for their taxi. Their taxi is a lot closer to them. They get to the pit stop in tenth place with no time to spare. The long run to the taxi cost the mother/daughter team the race. The hit the pit stop last. They were eliminated. Marty explained Hagan just graduated college, so this is the last mother/daughter thing they’ll do for awhile.


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