Katie Post Calls Ashley Darby Out For Gossiping & Labels Her A Social Climber

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Katie Post_RHOP

Hey, Katie Rost learned a new #hashtag this week, and in her blog post for The Real Housewives of Potomac, she used it with abandon. Katie is #sorrynotsorry about all that happened on the show this week. (I am rolling my eyes at you, Miss Katie.)

When she moved into boyfriend, Andrew’s, townhouse, he stupidly left her alone to go out of town. So naturally, she put her stamp on it, and when he came home, Andrew was less than thrilled.

“Sorry, not sorry. I don’t regret at all making an “MRS.” dressing room out of the gym Andrew had in the guest bedroom… He told me to make room for myself, so I did. His house reflects 44 years of single life and should stay exactly as is if he wants to be single… I’m not going to pretend I don’t have three kids, a dog and a nanny.”

OMG. She only has three kids? I lost count and thought she had about five. Is she sure some of the neighbor’s kids didn’t wander over for film time?

Anyway, Katie did not approve when Ashley Darby Googled all the ladies and found dirt on Robyn Dixon. Not that she actually said so to Ashley’s face. No, Katie talked behind her back instead. Is that proper etiquette, I ask you?!

“This is another sorry, not sorry. I thought googling a new potential friend and then gossiping about her financial problems as Ashley did with Robyn was a sign that she wasn’t really interested in friendship but in social climbing… which is fine, just good to know and filed accordingly… If you look for sh*t, you absolutely will find it on everyone over the age of 15. Friends don’t dig for dirt.”

Um, they’re not friends. They’re castmates. Take a seat MRS. Thing.

Later at the club, Katie made out with Andrew like they were fourteen-year-olds at a basement party. She nearly sucked the lips right off his face. And we saw tongue. More than once. Ugh! Save it for the townhouse, kids. No one wants to see that.

“Sorry, yes I can say sorry for my PDA. Andrew and I were role playing that night because we needed some sexy time while the kids were away. I was feeling like a bad girl in my cat dress and I was channeling Katie of 27. I’m blaming Ashley for that. Her “grab him by the horns and ride” suggestion over dinner had me a little hot and bothered. I think it was a bit much and I did apologize for not using “proper etiquette” or just for being gross.”

She goes on to deliver a final slam.

“The friends Andrew and I usually hang out with aren’t as uptight. I think I should have behaved like it was a job interview and not a party where I could cut loose and get it in.”

Get what in? And just because they didn’t want to see you French kiss all night that makes them uptight? No, honey, that makes you tacky and thirsty for face time with the camera.

Katie likes to throw her pedigree around and then do everything but dry hump her boyfriend in front of her friends. Me no like-y. But what do you think? And should Katie have switched up Andrew’s house without permission?


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