Kenya Moore Defends Spreading The Gay Rumor About Kim Fields Husband

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Jamaica Part Two happened this week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I think Cynthia Bailey was feeling a little guilty because she backed off from her friendship with Kenya Moore once NeNe Leakes made her return. But Kenya says it’s water under the bridge.

“I am a very forgiving person, and it was easy for me to accept Cynthia’s apology. I love Cynthia, and no one is perfect. She will always be dear to me. This was just a bump in the road in our friendship.”

Kenya brought her new boyfriend, Matt, on the trip. Things got a little aggressive as Peter and Greg tried to ask Matt about himself. Granted, they did it in a way that let Matt know he was the outsider, but Matt came off a little testy about the whole thing. Still, Kenya defends her man.

“One of the reasons I’ve been hesitant to bring someone I’m dating around this group is because they are unpredictable, and you never know how anyone will treat them. Matt is a very sweet and easy going man, but be very clear he is not a punk. The men were clearly being disrespectful and rude to him which sent him into defense mode.”

Greg asked how many kids Matt had. When Matt replied that he didn’t have any, Greg asked if there was something wrong with him, and I think he was gently teasing Matt. But when Matt wasn’t feeling it, Peter definitely escalated the situation.

“Side note: All single black men under 30 don’t have five babies and five baby mamas. I digress… I’m proud of Matt for not losing his cool and walking away. He made me proud. Peter can learn a few things from Matt, despite his age.”

Now, onto Kim Fields husband, Chris, and those rumors swirling around his sexuality.

“I find it crazy that some viewers believe I started the discussion about Kim’s husband. WRONG. It was Phaedra. Phaedra stated he “was zesty” and “had a fire in his pants.”… The gay rumors have been around for over 10 years. Anyone can google it–no one made them up. They exist for a reason true or not. Therefore, for me to mention the gay rumors were completely justified within the conversation.”

Furthermore, Kenya says that Chris showed another side of himself on the trip. One that wasn’t so endearing.

“The only reason Kim’s husband came up is because he had snapped on several of the women earlier that day. He was snapping his fingers in their faces, yelling at them being rude and “reading them” during their bus ride home from Jamaica. The girls were shocked as they didn’t see this behavior from him before. Apparently, he was so obnoxious he had to later apologize to all the women.”

Earlier this week, Andy Cohen mentioned on Watch What Happens Live that calling someone gay seems to be an insult in Atlanta. Kenya denies she intended it that way.

“I could not care less if a man married to another woman is gay or straight–that’s between two consenting adults. Clearly I have never cared about one’s sexuality. If your partner cheats it would not matter if he is with a man or a woman. Many women marry their best friends who are often gay, and it works for them.”

So what’s your take? Was Matt a little salty or did Peter and Greg step over the line? And what about all that gossip around Chris? Fair game or no?


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