Cynthia Bailey Reveals Marriage Troubles & Talks Kenya Moore Pregnancy Rumor On #WWHL

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Last night Andy Cohen sat down with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey and actress/comedienne, Sandra Bernhard. Cynthia wore a jumpsuit cut down to her navel and flashed glimpses of boob tape. In fact, she had to keep fondling herself to get the material to stay put. Sandra touted her Marc Jacobs outfit, and to be honest, it looked like something my senior citizen mother would wear to church. It was not cute.

It turns out that the ladies know each other. They met around 1980, when Sandra gave Cynthia her big break in the film, “Without You I’m Nothing.” There’s one for the trivia nerds out there. 

Things jumped off by Andy playing a montage of Cynthia flipflopping over her friendship with Kenya Moore. It seemed that they were quite close, but as soon as NeNe Leakes popped back up, Cynthia downplayed her fondness for Kenya. So was Cynthia sorry for turning her back on Kenya? Nope. She’s still sticking to the whole, “I never said we were best friends, but I love Kenya” speech.

When it came to Kim Fields directing the commercial, Kenya threw a hissy. So what does Cynthia think about Kenya’s behavior in Jamaica? “Basically unsupportive. That was it. I didn’t make a big deal about it.”

Next, we saw pictures of Sandra posing with famous people whose faces were covered. She had to guess who she was standing next to. She picked out Roseanne and Madonna right away, but the rest, even Keith Richards, were a mystery to her. She barely remembered taking a photo with most of them.

On to the conflict between Kenya and Kim Fields, Cynthia claims ignorance about their beef.

“I’m not really sure, because they were cool when Kim came on the show. Kenya and Kim were friends, actually. I’m not really sure where it all went to the left.”

A caller wanted to know if Cynthia’s marriage was still on the rocks.

“We are definitely going through some stuff. We’re always going through some stuff, but we’re in a much better place than we were months ago.”

So why didn’t Cynthia stand up for Kim when Kenya went after her instead of sitting there, calmly eating her sushi?

“First of all, we’re always getting verbally attacked…it’s just part of being on the show. I feel like Kim handled herself, to be honest. I didn’t really feel like she needed any help.”

A caller wanted to know if the rumors were true: is Kenya really pregnant? “I hope so. I think Kenya’s going to be a great mom.”

Why did Cynthia’s husband, Peter, get heated with Kenya’s boyfriend, Matt?

“I think they were just trying to get to know him. I think Matt was being a little standoffish in the beginning, but I didn’t feel it was a situation that needed to escalate, really. I felt like they were playfully giving him a hard time, and he didn’t feel like playing.”

Next, Cynthia and Sandra listen to an off-air voice read a line about them. They had to keep a poker face while Andy guessed if it was the truth or a lie. Just for the record: no, Cynthia wasn’t the inspiration for Seal’s Kiss From a Rose, Huey Lewis absolutely hit on Sandra back in the day, and Cynthia celebrated her 40th birthday by dancing on stage with Prince.

A caller wanted to know Sandra’s biggest memory from working on The King of Comedy.

“Working with Jerry Lewis. He was so fascinating to watch him work. He’s just an icon.”

When a viewer asked Cynthia if she had any advice for women getting into modelling, she said: 

“To be realistic. It’s totally like, mostly about aesthetics. If you’re like 5’2”, probably not going to happen. So just know that.”

Andy left us with a clip of the male stripper who stood behind the bar a few nights ago. He was in the process of giving Phaedra Parks a lap dance. The shirtless stripper picked her up and spun her around. She wrapped her legs around his waist and then he hoisted her booty into the air and right toward the camera. Quite a sight to behold, and she looked as though she were enjoying every hip thrust.

So, do you think Cynthia was wrong to backpedal on her friendship with Kenya? And should Cynthia have stood up for Kim? And most importantly, will Cynthia ever grow a spine?


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