Adrienne Maloof Explains How She & Ex Paul Nassif Made Peace: “Most Families Have Issues”

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Adrienne Maloof reared her taut face last night when she showed up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to give Kyle Richards some advice regarding her sister, Kim. She also wanted to hawk her upcoming skin care line. Will it have a numbing agent so that our faces might too be immobile? Only time will tell.

The last time we met up with Adrienne was awash in bitterness for her ex, Paul, and experiencing a rejuvenated sex life with a younger man. Last night, we didn’t get to hear about her cougar exploits, but she has mended fences with Paul.

“In co-parenting I have learned the importance of how to pick your battles and choose the issues you really believe in to state your point. At the end of the day, most issues are not worth putting unnecessary pressure on your relationship and children. Therapy for us has been a great mediator and probably the single most important tool to help navigate through our always evolving issues.”

And what about that skin care line? Will it be called Wrinkle-Proof Maloof?

“I am excited about working with and testing different skin care products and will be sharing developments along the way. As of now, my biggest focus is with my new product NeverTooHungover…a healthy way to get rid of a hangover.”

Now you can drink liquor that’s 80 proof, but not feel the effects when you pop a Maloof. Oh, I could go for days, but I’ll spare you. You’re welcome.

 What’s Adrienne’s take on the KyleKim situation?

“I do believe that Kyle and Kim are capable of coming to a peaceful resolution, however…it’s an always evolving process. My advice to Kyle is this is WORK and there are no shortcuts, but the work is well worth it because family is everything.”

So have you missed Adrienne? Do you wish she and her frozen face would return to the mean streets of Beverly Hills?


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