Lisa Vanderpump Throws Lisa Rinna Under The Bus & Empathizes with Yolanda Foster

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Our favorite Brit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump, plays the diplomat in her Bravo blog. I’m not sure I like this side of LVP. I prefer it when she makes a stand whether I agree with it or not. But she’s tiptoeing through this last episode, and I can only wonder why. For fear of angering Mohamed perhaps? Something to ponder. I’ll let you decide.

On the subject of the lunch at Kathryn Edwards’ lovely home:

“The joyous atmosphere was immediately diminished. Subjects such as Lisa‘s eating habits opened the discussion as to what transpired between her and Kim many months ago, which in turn initiated the subject matter of Kim and alcoholism. Kathryn was defensive in her attitude that Lisa was being too hard on Kim…”

But as she recalled that dinner in Amsterdam, where Rinna and Kim got into a heated argument, Lisa refuses to side with Rinna.

“I felt extremely uncomfortable just recalling the Amsterdam scenario. It was a vicious exchange, where angry accusations were hurled. But as Kyle stated, Lisa‘s hands weren’t clean either. The threatening texts days later were firmly etched in our minds… Bitter words were voiced against Kim from Rinna calling her a rabid dog, which is hard to compute. It’s a year later, Kim has made great headway…Kyle‘s loyalty to her sister will supersede any wish to be involved in negativity. That is why she left the table and, as a friend, I dutifully followed.”

As always, I think LVP is a far better friend than Kyle Richards deserves. Never ever have I seen Kyle stand up for Lisa in the same way she’s taken Kyle’s back time and again.

Moving onto the dinner with Erika Girardi, Lisa verbally went back and forth with Erika’s husband, Tom, and had a good time doing it.

“The dinner with Tom, Ken and Erika was full of playful banter. I was amused by him, especially when he chastised Erika, “Erika go to your room.” It was a first for me, but even funnier was the way she capitulated when he chided her for interrupting. I have to say I enjoy him immensely…”

Later, Erika decided to show the ladies what a real BBQ looks like. Unfortunately, it looked more like my kids’ school carnival than any BBQ I’ve been to. But that is neither here nor there, as these ladies never eat anyway. The real fireworks happened when Yolanda Hadid (no longer Foster—lest you get it twisted!) decided that Rinna’s apology wasn’t enough and she wanted an ounce of flesh instead.

“And so Erika orchestrates an event at her house with an army of young men to prepare her, the subject of Munchausens raises its ugly head…a head that needs to be decapitated once and for all.”

Though Lisa tried to interject on Rinna’s behalf, it all fell on Yolanda’s deaf, hostile ears.

“I feebly tried to defend Rinna against the tirade from Yolanda. Rinna had regret undoubtedly. She was guilty of “labeling” Yolanda, but in actuality, Rinna had repeated idle gossip that has been manifested from months of people witnessing sick selfies. When one constantly posts on social media it becomes a feast for all. …Rinna was wrong and insensitive as she voiced this at my house, but what is the point of me chastising her she was only too aware of that fact and was full of remorse.”

And then she goes out of her way to empathize with Yolanda’s crazy, with a few caveats, but still.

“Hypothetically, if I was in Yolanda‘s Louboutins, I would have a degree of anger, which was justified and also was encouraging to see. The fighting spirit is never a bad thing. It assured me she is getting stronger, and if I had been immersed in a debilitating state for months and people were doubting me, I would be pissed. However, there were inconsistencies that were confusing. I absolutely recall her running a marathon that she initiated, barely being able to catch her, I remember her driving home, so the disease obviously ebbs and flows, which is the baffling part. Now I stress I am not doubting, but it’s mystifying as we witness it, to say the least.”

So what do you think? Did LVP take it easy on Yolanda? If so, why? Or is she simply giving Yolanda the benefit of the doubt?


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