Lisa Rinna Goes After Erika Jayne For Being A Two-Face Liar “Erika Tosses Honesty Out The Window”

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Things got ugly at Kathryn Edwards’ beautiful brunch last night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna was confronted with her eating habits and then talk turned to last season when Kim Richards made a snide remark alluding to Rinna’s eating disorder.

“For God’s sake, we have already rehashed the situation that went down with Kyle’s sister a million different ways, and all of you know just how touchy it is for our group. When I said the word “scary,” I meant that there were some very scary moments for quite a few of us last year because there were. I’m not sure why Kathryn has to put so much value into particular words. By doing so, I think she’s giving words like “scary” and “c—y” too much power.”

Lisa finally got a confession out of Erika Girardi. All blame for gossip regarding Yolanda Hadid’s kids landed squarely on Rinna’s shoulders, but she wasn’t the one who tattled. Erika was the culprit.

“The conversation was quickly diverted to finding resolution about who actually told Yolanda that LVP and Kyle had a conversation about Yolanda’s children’s health. Thanks to our fabulous moderator Eileen, we were able to clear the air with accurate facts instead of ongoing speculation that it was I who told Yolanda when it was actually Erika who told her.”

I’m not sure why Erika didn’t just fess up right from the jump. There was no reason for her to lie, other than to save her own ass, which, in my opinion, made her look like a coward. And things got even uglier when the ladies trotted over to Erika’s house for her BBQ/carnival.

Rinna felt, and rightly so, betrayed by Erika. Upon Erika’s advice, Rinna went to Yolanda and apologized for gossiping about the Munchhausen claim.

“I’m really seeing that there are definitely two distinct sides to Erika. There is Erika Girardi, distinguished attorney Tom Girardi’s wife, who graciously invited me over to discuss how best to approach Yolanda and come clean about the Munchausen discussions. It was Erika Girardi who assured me to just be honest with Yolanda and that she would be so appreciative that I came directly to her to address the situation.”

So naturally, when Erika lied her ass off and let Rinna take the blame for carrying tales to Yolanda about Lisa Vanderpump questioning whether Bella and Anwar Hadid also had Lyme disease, Rinna felt betrayed.

“Then we have Erika Jayne, who gives zero f—s and tosses honesty out the window. Erika Jayne who has no problem belligerently yelling at me twice now, disregarding any of the advice that Erika Girardi has given me. I’m not so sure I can trust this version of her, so I need to be very aware of which Erika I am dealing with.”

I can’t help but wonder if Erika egged Yolanda on after the ladies spent time together in San Diego, but I suspect that’s the case. I think she got Yolanda riled up on purpose.

“Thanks to my conversation with Eileen on our way to Erika Jayne’s house, I had somewhat of a heads up about how pissed off Yolanda was with me. So much for the advice Erika Girardi gave me about Yolanda appreciating my honesty. Yolanda Hadid Foster was on a mission, and her mission was to try to nail me to the wall with what she thought to be the facts.”

Rinna has not won me over this season, but I have to say I’m on her side in this debacle. Yolanda accepted Rinna’s apology and should have dropped the subject. Instead, she went behind Rinna’s back and stirred up the shit.

“It’s obvious that she has it in her head that I am labeling her with Munchausen since she said numerous times that I am labeling her. In reality, what I did was inform her that she has already been questioned and labeled by others in our community. Big, big difference there. She then proceeded to read to all of us what Munchausen by proxy was. Again, big BIG difference as that was never once up for discussion between any of us. Well, until now, when Yolanda herself put her kids’ health issues out into the universe.”

Yolanda did a little “labeling” of her own.

“I was surprised when Yolanda said, “I could say <Lisa Rinna> is unstable or bipolar, but I would never do that!” because, in essence, she just did. Obviously, that statement was retaliation for my reading the definition of Munchausen. So, I guess we’re even-steven now.”

Yolanda will never see her own wrongdoing because she’s claimed permanent victim status now with her “invisible disease”. So whose side are you on in this mess? Did Rinna get what she deserved last night or was she unfairly targeted by Yolanda and Erika?


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