Big Ang Raiola’s Sad Last Words Unveiled: “I Want To Go Home” — Family Request Donations to St. Jude’s

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The sad news of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola is sinking ii and her final moments are being shared by family who are still very much in shock. As you know, Big Ang passed away at 3:01 am Thursday morning after a valiant battle with throat and brain cancer. Big Ang’s sister, Janine Detore told Radar,

“The last time she spoke was yesterday. She just said she wanted to go home. It was very hard.”

We knew that Big Ang had been hospitalized earlier in the week due to complications with her cancer. Detore explained the complication was a bad case of pneumonia.

“She came down pneumonia last week,” Detore shared. “She went to the hospital last week for it, but she got better and came home on Friday.”

Unfortunately, Big Ang came down with pneumonia on Sunday and was rushed to the emergency room on Monday.

“I called an ambulance Monday for my sister,” Detore said. “That’s when she went in. They took her around 11 am Monday.”

At that time, Detore had no idea it would be that last time Big Ang would return home.

“She got in the ambulance and said, ‘I’ll see you later,’” Detore said. “Nothing was going through my mind.”

On Wednesday, Detore received an urgent call requesting her presence at the hospital. “They told me I had to come.”

And when she got there, her sister was on her death bed. Everyone was crying, “even her doctor.” Detore shared the passing was “very peaceful.”

“It was so quick,” Detore said. “It was very peaceful. We were playing her favorite music. We were telling her how much we love her and how mommy and daddy were waiting for her.” Detore added, “We told her she could go in peace and I will take care of the kids and grandchildren.” 

The family is asking for people to make donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital instead of sending flowers.


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