Yolanda Foster Labels Critics of Her Bizarre Behavior Ignorant & Explains Why She Changed Her Name Back To Hadid on #WWHL

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Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen played host to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ resident victim, Yolanda Hadid (formerly Foster) and Craig Ferguson. Of course they discussed Yolanda’s health in detail.

But first, Andy commented that Yolanda looked great and he was happy to have her back in the clubhouse. Yolanda said,

“I am good. Happy to be here and out of bed and dressed and out.”

On the subject of her supermodel daughters, Gigi and Bella: “I am so proud. They’re on fire.”

Both Yolanda and Lisa Rinna were at the Tommy Hilfiger show, watching Gigi walk the runway, but they didn’t run into each other. Yolanda’s son, Anwar, pointed Lisa out, saying, “Isn’t that the woman who accused you of having Munchhausen?”

While Yolanda may have pronounced Munchhausen correctly in the clubhouse, she bumbled it throughout tonight’s RHOBH episode. You’re Dutch, honey. How hard is it? All that “munchenhunchen” nonsense worked my last nerve. But Yolanda “practiced” saying it, so she could get it right tonight. 

Andy was curious about Yolanda’s new David Foster-free life and being a singleton in Malibu: “I haven’t tried it yet. I’m still at home, trying to get well.”

How does she like her new home? “It’s beautiful. It’s not completely furnished yet, but I love the space, and I’m starting to get used to the new normal.”

Andy said he just discovered Yolanda’s name is now back to Hadid. She bizarrely replied,

“Me, too. I was asked a question at the show. I never dropped the name Hadid, and I talked about it with the kids…I have three children by that name…”

She just noticed that she’d dropped Foster from her name? I don’t believe a word. Thanks for playing, Yolanda.

When it comes to Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards, Yolanda sees them:

“…all the time. They’re great. It’s funny enough that of the whole group, these are the two who deal with the most trouble in their life, they really have the compassionate for my journey.”

Andy wondered if there anything Yolanda heard one of the other women say on camera that disturbed her the most:

“You know it was shot six months ago, looking back, it’s hurtful. It’s one thing if the world talks about my journey. Obviously I’m sharing my journey in order to bring awareness…and that’s the purpose of my sharing. I’m not trying to get special attention…I want a cure.”

If I have to hear about this woman’s “journey” just one more time…well, I don’t know what I’ll do. Get a little snarkier in my tweets, probably.

Craig asked how Yolanda was doing now, remarking that she seemed quite healthy.

“The only good thing about looking back at the show is that I’ve made so much progress… I look bad and feel good, instead of looking good and feeling bad.”

Next, we saw a flashback to when Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin stopped by the clubhouse. Lisa claimed a female hairdresser first used the word Munchhausen. Yolanda was incensed.

“Are you going to listen to what the hairdresser said? If you are my friend, you are going to go to the hairdresser and say ‘are you crazy?”

Tonight, Erika Girardi’s husband compared LVP to an alligator. Andy listed off a series of one liners that Lisa spouted during the season and asked Yolanda if it was snappy or just mean. Yolanda only answered one question, and instead, deferred to Craig, gazing at him before answering. Basically, Craig thought Lisa was a mean girl in every instance. Yolanda thanked him at the end of the game. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

A caller wanted to know about Yolanda’s daughter’s famous boyfriend.

“Which one? It’s their choice as long as they treat my daughters with great respect and they love them, it’s all good for me.”

So why, in Yolanda’s opinion, do the other Housewives want to believe she’s faking her illness?

“Why? You know what, they’re maybe saying what a lot of people are thinking in the world. There are such ignorance when it comes to invisible disease…people out in the world judging the way they look.”

Does Yoyo owe LVP an apology for overreacting about the statement about her kids? “No, absolutely not.”

Of course not. Yolanda likes to demand apologies, but she rarely utters them herself.

We get a teaser for next week’s show where the ladies, minus Rinna, sit down for lunch. Yolanda tries to defend her accusations. “I never said Lisa Rinna was bipolar. Judging by her behavior, I could potentially call her bipolar, but I would never do that.”

Kyle actually showed a wee bit of spine and said Lisa didn’t actually say Yolanda had Munchhausen’s. That in fact, Yolanda just did to Rinna what she accused Rinna of doing to her—she spread rumors. “It’s putting it out there anyway… Giving me a f***ing break.”

Yolanda looked Kyle in the eye. “I’m asking you to drop it… I hold a lot in the vault, honey.”

Kyle was all, “What’s that mean? Are you threatening me?”

Then Kyle said the most ironic thing ever.

“It’s strange to me how everybody can say something rude and have an argument, then pretend like everything’s fine, when it’s obvious that it’s not.”

Kyle, that is the way you’ve lived your entire life in regards to your sister, Kim. Don’t you see that?! But I guess she doesn’t, because she said those words with a straight face.

Next up, game time! In honor of the Grammy’s, Andy flashed pictures of famous musicians when they were young. Yolanda and Craig had to name the star. Back in the day, Blake Shelton wore a wavy mullet and sported a missing eye tooth. Taylor Swift had corn rows. Keith Urban had a weird haircut and a plaid shirt buttoned up to his neck. Josh Groban looked virtually the same.

Yolanda knew quite a few names and was fast on her feet. Strange for someone who can barely think, no? Just putting that out there in the universe.

So is Yolanda back to polishing her nails and dying her hair? “No polish and organic highlights from Whole Foods.”

Good to know. So what do you think about Yolanda yelling at Rinna? Was she too harsh? And was one apology enough or did Yoyo deserve more?

The poll question of the evening was, “Whose side are you on? Lisa Rinna or Yolanda.” Yolanda won. 


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