Shots Fired! Ashley Darby Feels Katie Post Is “Not the Friend I Thought You Were” #RHOP

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Ashley Darby is the youngest cast member on The Real Housewives of Potomac. And she never lets us forget it. On this week’s episode, she used her youth as a reason why she Googled the other ladies. Um, I’m not in my twenties, and I Google everyone, too. But apparently that’s another no-no etiquette move in Potomac.

“As a millennial, the internet is as familiar to me as my own mother. Whenever I meet prominent people and want to learn more about them I take to the all-knowing Google. I knew that the ladies of Potomac were well-known in their community, but they were rather reserved when they first met me and I hadn’t learned anything about them.”

She was surprised to find out that Robyn Dixon filed for bankruptcy. And when she spilled the tea to Katie Rost, Ashley opened a whole can of messy.

“I whole-heartedly regret telling Katie what I read about Robyn. It was a sensitive topic that I should have respected, as I do not find any humor in hardship. Without knowing her situation, it’s not a topic that I should’ve broached… Out of this ordeal I learned that Katie is not quite the friend I thought she was…”

Ashley defends herself. She wasn’t gossiping y’all. She was concerned.

“…in no way was I making a mockery of Robyn as she told the other ladies at Charrisse’s house. In actuality, I was asking Katie’s opinion about whether she thought this affected how Robyn interacted with newcomers.”

At Ashley’s animal print themed birthday party (we had one of those for my kids when they were six!) Robyn confronted her. See, Robyn actually thought her family’s financial business was a secret. Let’s go over this again, ladies. You are on a reality TV show that millions of people watch. If you want to keep your secrets, stay off Bravo. Nevertheless, Ashley apologized.

“…I actually felt guilty from the beginning because I knew I’d overstepped a boundary. But even though I’d made a mistake, I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about Robyn and wanted to break through her tough exterior. During the conversation I may have pushed farther than I should’ve, but hearing Robyn talk about her trust issues from the past gave me a great deal of insight as to who she is.”

At the party, the women were left in shock and awe that the bar wasn’t wide open. But Ashley puts a different spin on it.

“Nightlife Lesson 101: We had table service just like at any other nightclub. That means that any drink orders placed at our designated table would’ve been taken care of. If you venture to the bar, you have to pay for yourself. I think it’s a little presumptuous to assume that I rented out a whole nightclub – I turned 27, not the big 3-0.”

Get it? She’s young, people. The youngest Housewife in the history of Housewives. Y-O-U-N-G. Young!!!!

So what do you make of the millennial, Ashley? Was she trying to throw shade on Robyn or are the other ladies being too hard on her twenty-seven-year old ass?


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