Bethenny Frankel Plans To Get Knee-Deep In The Mud On #RHONY Season 8

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Real Housewives of New York_Bethenny

The B is back…again! Bethenny Frankel confirmed to Access Hollywood, what we already know, and that is she’ll be returning for Season 8 of The Real Housewives of New York, airing later this year.

“Yes. I am back, and it is spicy.” Bethenny elaborated, “You know last year, I had my ‘new car smell’ still on me. And I wasn’t getting into too much trouble. This season, I am knee-deep in the mud.”

So what’s Bethenny been up to since we last saw her? She’s still knee-deep in her divorce from Jason Hoppy. The marriage lasted only two-years, but the divorce is going on three and a half years. When will it end?! Normally an avid work-out enthusiast, Bethenny said that she hasn’t been able to work-out as much for the past eight weeks due to a recent undisclosed health problem.

“I’ve had a couple of little health issues lately. I haven’t been exercising at all for about eight weeks,” Bethenny added that she has “not been feeling myself lately in some ways.”

For Bethenny it’s important to keep active. Here’s how she does it.

“I’m in good shape because do what I love – I walk on the beach, I’ll snowboard if I am in that kind of a location. But I don’t believe obsessive exercise, I don’t believe in boot camp, and beating yourself up and being crazy, and setting yourself up for these crazy expectations that you can’t keep up with,” she said. “I really believe in being overall consistent in your life.”

Her advice for others trying to exercise while having a busy life.

“Take a walk, meet a friend for lunch, walk a mile, walk a mile back –that type of thing.”

As far as her dating life, Bethenny admitted she is dating “one person in particular” who is “successful” and someone she “really care(s) about.” When asked if they are exclusive, Bethenny said, “I think we are right there. I always believe in having all the burners working.”

Despite the divorce and custody issues still looming overhead, Bethenny said, “Whatever is supposed to happen, happens. I am happy.”


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