Sheree Whitfield Defends Telling Kim Fields The “Fruity” Gossip About Her Husband

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Sheree Whitfield_RHOA

Sheree “Pot-Stirring” Whitfield doesn’t feel that snitching to Kim Fields about what the other ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta really said about her husband, Chris Morgan, was wrong.

While we were watching the drama unfold on Sunday night’s episode, Sheree took to twitter to defend her actions.

In an earlier poolside scene, the ladies are shown reacting to Kenya Moore’s allegation that Chris is gay and because she’s been in Hollywood for 20-years, and she’s heard the pervasive gay rumors about Tootie and Fruity. Phaedra Parks said she thought Chris was “a little sassy.” NeNe Leakes thought Chris had “a lot personality.” And Porsha thought Chris seemed “real delicate.”

But at the wrap party, after cheering Kim for directing Cynthia’s eyewear commercial, the ladies had a much different, much more positive take on Chis. This didn’t sit well with Sheree who proceeded to tell Kim the truth…and leaving us with a cliffhanger.

So what can we expect next week? Will Kim stand by her man? Will Kim confront Kenya? Will Kim give the ladies a piece of her mind? Kim tweeted what we might expect next week.


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