Farrah Abraham’s Mom Accuses Her Boyfriend Simon Saran of “Domestic Violence”

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Farrah Mom and her bf Simon_Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG rolled on last night, and the post-teen angst is real in the land of MTV. 

Farrah Abraham welcomes Simon Saran back into her world, and Sophia is thrilled. Debra throws a wet blanket on the romance-party, by sitting Simon down and accusing him of being a mirror-image of Farrah’s father. Debra notes that she has observed passive-aggressive behaviors in people with Simon’s personality type. Debra will do anything for a solo camera spot, and Farrah will probably ream her out for it, next episode. 

“You’re almost a mirror image of [Farrah’s dad] Michael,” Debra said. “Almost uncanny, the personality type. So there’s things like passive-aggressive behavior. There’s things like anger that comes from that. That scares me, OK? Because that’s all forms of domestic violence.”

Simon responds to Debra’s clunky definition by rolling his eyes and telling her to go look in the mirror. In other developments, Sophia loses a tooth and scores a cool grand for her piggy bank…oh that Farrah!

Also in this episode, Tyler and Catelynn return to their everyday drudgery after their Hawaiian honeymoon, and don’t seem excited to be reunited with baby Nova. Butch however, is thrilled to see the baby, as he shares the news that he hooked up with a honey (probably in Ty and Cate’s bed) while they were gone. Tyler and Butch attend a therapy session where Butch tells of his horrible childhood, and his desire to own his own lamp. Tyler is worried that Butch is on the wrong path, and won’t maintain his sobriety.

Maci spends this episode whining about her stress, and her oh-so-full plate.  Nothing relieves a full plate like a fresh bun in the oven, a nugget of info that viewers were clued in on over the weekend.  We all know that Maci is at least 9 weeks knocked-up, as she de-stresses with a friend, over a cocktail. Bentley undergoes tonsil surgery, after making a revealing a comment, snarking,  “Where’s the Gatorade? I need a beer or something.” Like mommy like son.

In Amber-Land the drama continues with Gary, and her fertile fiancee, Matt Baier. Matt is a shady character, and Gary spills to producers, sharing his concerns about the relationship.   

“I don’t hate Matt,” Gary explained. “I don’t want Leah to be abandoned. I don’t want Leah to start feeling close to this guy, and [he and Amber] get married, and who knows, maybe [she] calls him ‘daddy.’ He’s abandoned his kids — he’s not paying child support, apparently. What kind of father is that?”

Amber wistfully comments that she just desires relationship perfection, noting ongoing trust issues with Matt.  Fingers crossed that no more kiddos crawl out of the woodwork.

Will Farrah and Simon stay together? Will Butch buy a lamp, and will Tyler ever make a move towards a career? Will Maci sober up and discover her pregnancy, and maybe even do her laundry? Will Amber continue to accept Matt’s spawn, and blindly trust through naive stupidity? Stay tuned! 


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