Charrisse Jordan Assures Fans She’s “Ok” After Emotional On-Air Confession About Marital Problems #RHOP

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Charrisse Jordan_RHOP

Charrisse Jordan, star of Bravo’s new hit show, The Real Housewives of Potomac, took to Twitter Sunday night to assure fans she was doing okay, despite what you saw on the episode. Charrissee confessed to a friend, and later to the ladies, her marriage was a disappointment, suggesting she was lower than a mistress, because they at least “gets something.”

“His life is his job, you know, and I’m the mistress. I don’t know if I’m the mistress cause at least the mistress gets something. [The] way that I envisioned marriage, my marriage doesn’t reflect that, like, at all. So now I’m just trying to figure it all out…”

But have things gotten any better for Charrisse and Eddie since then? Has Charrisse figured it out?

There’s no mention of the hubs, who was working that weekend in New Jersey. Rutgers basketball team hosted Ohio State  (They lost ). Apparently, Charrisse couldn’t resist the chance to see Kobe Bryant play in his last all-star appearance – and who can blame her.

Charrisse also attended the NBA Legends Brunch with her children.

Tune in next week to see if cast members take it upon themselves to uncover whether Eddie is really just working in New Jersey?


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