RECAP: Real Housewives of Potomac “Ashley’s So Thirsty, She’s Dehydrated” [Episode 4]

I’m an exasperated soap fan who keeps hanging on – waiting for the daytime I once loved to return to its former glory! Hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a dream. I learned to love soaps thanks to my wonderful mother and grandmother. I’ll always have fond memories of daytime, most especially of ‘Another World’, my first stoap love. The ever great, but sadly defunct, daytime shows like Ryan’s Hope, Search for Tomorrow, The Doctors, Loving, and many others keep a special place in my heart, as well. ♦ Norrth Cafe's BlogTwitterFacebook


If you could convert pretense into pennies, I have no doubt that Karen could easily double the net worth of her husband, Ray (the black Bill Gates) Huger. She is planning to pick up a pilot’s license now that her daughter is off to college and she has plenty of free time. I admire that. With Gizelle at her side, she then becomes irritating and demands a two propeller plane, for safety’s sake. She is informed that a single propeller is safer. The two women  briefly joke about how wild Ashley she is, when Karen tells us that Ashley reminds her of herself at that age #StoryToTell. At the same time (thanks to the magic of editing) Ashley and Katie are meeting, laughing about the whiskey tasting, when Ashley gives warm and positive reviews to the women of Potomac. She learned that she really likes them all. Back at the airfield, both Gizelle and Karen are excited by the sight of the hot flight instructor. Karen starts her lesson by anointing her plane and praying over it.


Back with Katie and Ashley, Katie’s daughter freaks out while in Ashley’s arms and begins swinging at her. Ashley assures us that her future children will love her. They begin talking about their lives, dreams, and, of course, Katie’s obsessive desire to married. Ashley brings up the fact that she googled the other women to learn more about them. I have always viewed Ashley in the most positive light possible. Given the focus of the show, and the need of ‘Housewives’ across franchises to fake wealth, to the point of serving prison time for fraud, it was refreshing to have a wife talk about the abject poverty in which she grew up, working her way out of it, and not being ashamed of who she is.

Maybe that is why it feels so dirty watching her so gleefully talk with Katie about reading online that Robyn is declaring bankruptcy and has $25.00 in her bank account. There are children involved, and a family that is fighting to stay together. Robyn’s account may be empty, assuming the google article is true, but she is far from short on decency. Right now, Ashley could stand to learn from Robyn.

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Charrisse talks with a friend about her marriage and feeling that her husband is married to his job, leaving her to be the mistress in the relationship. They have gone from taking walks in the morning to barely talking. Charrisse cries and admits that she is lonely. She is not clear about whether she wants to keep fighting for her marriage but she knows that what makes her happy is having her family together.


Gizelle and her daughters are having lunch with her ex… and he is a REAL ex… she sends him air kisses. They have a great relationship, despite Gizelle’s feelings about his cheating. The family is sweet, laughing together, and the girls clearly adore their father. Gizelle makes it clear that a reunion is not in the works, not ever.  It must be family night on #RHOP.  

Next, Karen takes her daughter and husband back with her when she returns to the air field. She wanted the anointed plane from the prior visits but is  given a newer plane (without air conditioning). Luckily, says Karen, she has the hot pilot with her again. From the ground, her family cheers her on. She says that her next achievement will be making  the mile high club… we can only assume she really means with Ray, because her pilot really is hot! Oh, and we learn that Karen gave up her career for her family – she owned a temp staffing agency. Good for her for getting some “me time” in. 


Katie shares more family information with us. Andrew was the peacemaker as the divorce with her ex-husband was happening. He negotiated and brought everyone together. May, the nanny of the last 1 and ½ years, is a whiz in taking care of her children. We see a flustered Katie hand off one of the crying twins to May when she can’t figure out what is wrong with her. Katie doesn’t seem at all bothered by putting a crying child in May’s arms as May is already holding the other twin. The crying stops instantly. Yikes! Katie, who seems to want us to know how cool she is, tells us that May is a lesbian, and with a sly grin she tells us that she loves that about her because she loves May’s energy. Let’s hope May’s family didn’t just learn about her identification through Katie Rost. Lord love a duck, whatever May is being paid, someone should double it (the second paycheck set aside for her “energy”). Katie is redecorating Andrew’s townhome while he is away on a trip. The workers are clear that they want to be done and out before Andrew returns, given the fact that he is unaware that any of the redecorating is taking place.


Robyn’s boys are being typical kids, who don’t like the meal she cooked for dinner and begin foraging in the fridge for whatever it is they aren’t supposed to have. She is on her way to work and hates leaving her boys.  She is doing what she must for her family, since they need the money, she tells us.

Charrisse is home alone since her children are in New Jersey with their father. Karen calls and offers to gather the group and come hang out. Charrisse appreciates the offer since she is often afraid of being home alone. Karen arrives first. Gizelle, and Katie decide to prank Charrisse by hiding in the bushes in order to yell out “surprise”… it’s dark, and Charrisse is already afraid…I want to be annoyed, but it is a little funny. After joking about Karen Huger’s “suck me” (suck my toes)  pumps and watching Katie try to squeeze her size 11 feet into Karen’s 8 ½ inch shoes, the conversation to Ashley. Gizelle recalls that one of the first comments to come out of Ashley’s mouth is that her husband has a huge p*nis. I am waiting for the reunion when one of the wives demands proof! Katie tells them that she always looks at a man’s p*nis because she loves everyone, including women. Her lady pond days occurred when she was young and a model – and she enjoyed herself. I would die laughing if Katie ended up marrying May and dumping Andrew. Yes, a far leap from nanny to wife, I know, but we have only heard from May once or twice and I like her that much more than Andrew.


Katie spills the beans about the googling confession. It does not go over well. They are all pretty much in agreement that Robyn’s finances are off-limits. Charrisse talks about people sometimes hiding what is going on with them, and then brings up her own marital situation. The four women are amazing. Charrisse is vulnerable. Gizelle, Karen, and Katie are nothing but compassionate. It is my favorite scene of the night. Gizelle even offers to hold a swear session with Charrisse if she ever feels that she needs to get things off of her chest #RealFriend.

Ashley is having a birthday party and holding it at L2, where she tended bar while in college. At age 22, it was where she met her husband – who was part owner. She plans to have a “kitty” themed party. As silly as the theme sounds, I am intrigued and can’t wait to see more when one of the models, James, removes his shirt to show Ashley that he is shaved and prepared. Thank you, gods of eye-candy. Between this guy and the flight instructor, I am ready to turn my attention to Andrew.

Katie has decided that if he isn’t going to invite her to travel with him, he has to be prepared for changes whenever he comes back home. She softens him up by having the children greet him at the door before showing him his new home gym (and a room for May) on the lower level — he likes it. His old workout room is now the “Mrs.” room, set aside for Katie’s clothing, make up table, paint supplies, etc. — he does NOT like it and calls it an aggressive move. He tells her he can learn to live with it and she offers to take him upstairs. I felt queasy watching them. The dude was critical of everything to do with the “Mrs.” room, even though he never has to set a foot inside of it, and Katie thinks he’ll adjust, with time. Other than having sex with her, what does he like about this woman? 


Party time! Gizelle breaks the googling news to Robyn – who is NOT happy about the information Ashley shared. Somehow Gizelle thinks the party is the best place and time to nip the “googling and gossiping” in the bud… uh, no. Ray and Karen get drinks (which they pay for since it is not an open bar) and Mr. Huger drops his gold Amex on the bar. The group is not impressed by Andrew and Katie’s public groping, as a show of affection, and Gizelle speaks for this part of the audience when she says she is grossed out by their behavior. Robyn and Gizelle pick up drinks but Robyn is not in a great mood. She says that Ashley is not just thirsty, but dehydrated and hopes someone gives her something to drink, soon.  

Poor Ashley shows up all smiles, not knowing it is about to hit the fan. Katie hugs Ashley’s husband, Michael, and in a Talking Head lets us know she’s not impressed by his penis size. Ashley uses Robyn’s distance from her as the reason she googled her. Robyn tells Ashley that she is distant because she has trusted people, those she thought of as best friends, and they hurt her deeply. This is not a knock down, drag out. It is tragic. Robyn’s perspective makes sense and Ashley’s youth makes it far more unlikely that she would have understood things from that point of view.  


Ashley is young, but ultimately decent, and she apologizes and promises not to do it again. She also promises not to hump anyone. The apology is accepted and everyone moves on. At 27, Ashley is planning to start a family, open a restaurant, and focus on her marriage. Her bright future is punctuated by the sexy Porsche her husband gives her at the end of the party. Er, sorta’ MTV sweet 16ish, but I would take it. Ashley and her mother ride off into the moonlight, after evicting Katie from the driver’s seat.


Lots of grown woman drama, handled like adults by adults. Great episode, I just hope this holds. We will find out next week.


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