Phaedra Parks Leaks Kenya Moore Is Pregnant, Confirms Divorce Filing & Reveals Her Kids Visited Apollo in Prison! #WWHL

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Ta’ Rhonda Jones of Empire and Phaedra Parks, the self-professed southern belle on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, graced the Watch What Happens clubhouse tonight to discuss the latest episode.

But first, host Andy Cohen brought up a rumor. Friday, on Dish Nation, Phaedra hinted that Kenya Moore might be pregnant. For real? “Well, that’s what I heard. I have no proof, but that’s what I heard from a somewhat reliable source.”

The shady boot moment of the night belonged to Kenya for suggesting that Kim Field’s husband, Chris, was gay. Phaedra referred to him as “sassy” many times with accompanied side eye. Andy called the remarks “borderline nasty” and wondered why that seems to be a recurring insult in Atlanta. Phaedra said, “In the African American culture, that’s very taboo.”

Next, we saw a montage of the growing friendship between Phaedra and Porsha Williams. I guess they’ve bonded over a love of booty-bearing swimsuits and men with rock hard abs. Phaedra said,

“I love Porsha. She’s so funny. We have such chemistry because she’s happy being her and it’s just really lighthearted.”

Andy pointed out that Sheree Whitfield has been giving us some fierce shade this season. She’s back with a vengeance and has appointed herself the wielder of truth. Sheree said she’s simply “allergic to fake shit” and has to be honest. First, she told Kenya that Cynthia Bailey didn’t consider her BFF material. Tonight, she let Kim know the ladies were saying Chris might be on the down low. I think she’s stirring it up to keep her spot as a peach holder.

Ta’Rhonda gave her take on the juiciest moments of RHOA so far. She was most impressed by NeNe’s return, the booze cruise brawl where Porsha and Cynthia took their sparring to the next level, Kim and Kenya fighting over Cynthia’s commercial, and Tammy McCall Browning’s nephew getting kicked out of the vacay house in Miami.

Andy was dying to know the status of Phaedra’s marriage and if she’s dating again? Phaedra swears she’s not seeing anyone and hopes the divorce will be finalized in the next 45 days.

A caller wanted to know how motherhood changed for Phaedra since Apollo went to jail. And has she hauled those kids to the hoosegow for a family visit? “I’ve always been a hands on mom. My mother helps me on a weekly basis with the kids… It’s changed because now, of course, I have no free time whatsoever… And they’ve visited Apollo, yes.”

Back to the Jamaica trip, just why did Kim need to bring her kids and what’s the relationship like between Kim and Phaedra?

Kim and I are very close. I knew Kim prior to the show. She’s a very accomplished actress and producer. As a parent, I don’t try to judge other people’s parenting style.”

Are Kenya and her boyfriend, Matt, for real?

“I don’t see Kenya like that. We’re not BFFs or FFs or Fs at all, so I don’t know what the relationship is. I’m happy that she’s a little happier.”

Was Phaedra really hitting on Matt?

“I don’t care about stuff like that. Anybody who knows my type…Matt is not my type. If you look at my husband, that’s my type. I like ’em very cute and real sexy. That’s not my type and I don’t hit on other people’s husbands or boyfriends… I was just having fun with him.”

Michael Rapaport, actor and Houseives superfan, called into the show and asked Phaedra if she liked working on the ’mercial? And can we stop calling it a ’mercial already?

“I love doing the ’mercial…a lot of the ladies in the franchises have wanted to be actresses, that’s never been one of my aspirations. I really like to make money…not that actresses don’t make money…it was fun to do it…”

He also wanted to know why she decided to go commando? “I didn’t realize I’d left my panties at home,” but, “it needs to breathe sometimes.”

That was more than I ever needed to know about Phaedra’s lady parts.

And Michael had one more thing on his mind. Did NeNe’s presence improve the show? Well, yes, but:

“Of course, I like NeNe. We’re friends outside the show…NeNe definitely brings something to the show, but all of us do… But I’m glad NeNe’s back.”

So what did you think about the commercial? Was Kim a dream director or would Kenya have done a better job?


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