Cynthia Bailey Doesn’t Think It Was “Cool” For Kenya Moore To Repeat The Rumor That Kim Fields’ Husband Is Gay!

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All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8

The shot heard round The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night is Kim Fields’ husband is “fruity” (gay).

Kenya Moore fired this accusation on last night’s episode, poolside in Jamaica, claiming that everyone in the industry calls Chris Morgan, Chrissy. However, this didn’t sit well with her friend, Cynthia BaileyKenya said last night,

“They call him Chrissy…For the last 10-years, there have been pervasive rumors about Kim’s husband. Whether it’s Tootie and Fruity or Kim and Chrissy, they exist.”

Cynthia told OK! she didn’t think it was “cool to talk about things you don’t have any facts behind.” And Cynthia should know, since her husband Peter was involved in controversy concerning his extra-curricular activities.

“When you come to people, when you address situations like that without real facts, it kind of sucks because even if it’s not true, rumors still stay out there.” Adding, “It’s not a fun seat to be in.”

Cynthia said,

Kim and Kenya were friends when Kim came onto the show, so I don’t really know when and where it all went left.”

Sure you do Cynthia. It was when you chose Kim over Kenya to direct and produce your eyewear commercial. Everyone southern belle knows that.


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