Heavy Makeup & Photoshoots — Porn Star Farrah Abraham Pimps Her Six Year Old Daughter

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Farrah Abraham loves to stir up controversy!

Now the Teen Mom OG star is crossing a dicey line, because it appears that she is dragging her daughter Sophia, into the trashy mix.

It was revealed during last week’s episode, that Farrah supports six year olds wearing makeup to school. A painted Sophia was called out in school, but Sophia’s cosmetic rights were staunchly defended by Farrah’s mother, Debra, in the young mom’s absence. Farrah got tongues wagging on her Instagram account, hyping the controversy. Farrah captioned the photo, “Don’t hate on #hair #makeup #mua @mtv So cute.”



Farrah asked for follower input, and not surprisingly, people were ready to give it to her.

“No children should not be allowed to wear makeup. Yes people have their own opinions but she’s 6 ! And in kinder. She doesn’t need to look like mommy.”

“Teaching your child that she needs to wear make up is poor. She will end up with self esteem issues as she grows up. Let her be a CHILD.”

“Is nobody worried about sexualized children and pedophiles anymore? My god I just wouldn’t want to have a 6 year old be objectified even more by those sick freaks.”

“No one hates on IT, everyone just hates YOU. Don’t get it twisted, you delusional, diaper-wearing slut. Learn some respect. You’re already teaching your daughter to rebel and not follow rules. That’s really a great parenting attribute, you don’t deserve Sophia, you don’t even raise her.”

Six-year-old Sophia already has her own Instagram account. Is Farrah shifting from a Kardashian dream to a Kris Jenner-esque reality? 




Sophia is on her way, hopefully NOT excited to step into her mother’s stilettos, and follow in her footsteps. RUN Sophia


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