Cynthia Bailey Cries Over Her Kenya Moore Friendship Diss! Claims She Considers “Kenya a Very Good Friend”

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On tonight’s new Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, the “BFF” drama continues tonight after Cynthia Bailey is confronted by Kenya Moore regarding statements she made to the other ladies. The group is still in Jamaica for some fun in the sun and more drama! 

The tension began when Cynthia downplayed her friendship with Kenya during a group dinner. The tension escalates when NeNe asks Cynthia if she’s really that close with Kenya, “Y’all are besties?” NeNe asks unconvinced. Cynthia’s response triggers major friction with Moore, who later confronts her “supposed” BFF about her comments. 

After the confrontation, Cynthia suffered a tear filled emotional breakdown on a bus ride to Kingston, over denouncing her friendship with Kenya. She clarified that Kenya is a dear friend whom she cares for deeply. While chatting through tears, Cynthia tells the other ladies,

“I do consider Kenya a very good friend of mine.” Bailey added, “A very close friend of mine and I do love and care about her.”

It is pretty clear who Cynthia considers her true best friend!

Additionally, Cynthia is filming a commercial for her Bailey Eyewear line. Drama ensues when Cynthia cuts Kenya out of her plans for her eyewear commercial.

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Below watch an exclusive preview of Cynthia’s break down over her friendship drama with NeNe and Kenya!


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