RECAP: The Amazing Race “I Should’ve Been a Boy Scout” [Season 28 Premiere]

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The Amazing Race 28

Welcome to Amazing Race: Social Media Mogul Edition. (Or The season of attention whores.) Contestants this season are “stars” of the internet. Some more well-known than others. Honestly, out of this cast I know one contestant. (He’s always trending on Twitter for some reason.) Anyways, here we go.

Phil notifies the “internet stars” by sending them videos. There are a range of reactions. Some cry, some do a happy dance. They all take off at the same time. They race for the airport. They’re going to Mexico City.

Tyler and Korey are Youtube stars. They have their own channel. Tyler says people watch them because they may not have someone to connect with. He didn’t have anyone to connect with growing up. There were no “gay characters” growing up. They are super fans of The Amazing Race. They’re 100% going to win. You can write the check now.

Dana and Matt have a Youtube channel. They do dance tutorials. They’ve been engaged for three and a half years. They have not set a date for the wedding yet. Matt is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher. Their channel is the largest Youtube dance channel in the World. The Amazing Race is a make or break it for them. They have trust issues.

Erin and Joslyn are hosts of Clevver Media. It’s the number 1 entertainment news outlet on Youtube.

Zach and Rachel are married. Rachel was the first girl he ever kissed. They’re newlyweds. Zach makes Vine videos. “In those six seconds there’s a little bit of magic.” His Vine channel has grown, and it’s been a worldwind for the past few years.

Scott and Blair are father and daughter. She does hair/makeup tutorials. He’s an attorney and a OBGYN. It was hard for Scott when Blair left home at seventeen to pursue her career as a Youtube star. Blair can’t believe making videos in her bedroom (Not like that daddy) could blossom into a career. Blair is happily single. She’s not afraid to use her Southern Charm to help them. They bring age and maturity, and Blair brings the lipstick.

Sheri and Cole are the mother/son team. Cole cried when he got Phil’s video. Anyways, Cole also has a popular Vine channel. Cole makes “funny videos.” He has to throw his family in there. Sheri’s is the mother of six kids.

Brodie and Kurt are professional Frisbee players. They make videos about Frisbee tricks. They’re confident going into the race. Brodie is single. They deal with hot chicks all the time because they’re “Frisbee guys.” Brodie gets detracted sometimes. Luckily he has Kurt to keep him on the right track.

Burnie and Ashley have been dating, living and working together for three years. They have a huge gaming channel. Ashley started her career as a professional gamer. She was also one of Burnie’s first website members. They’re big time gamers, so they’re excited about the race. To them, it’s one giant game.

Brittany and Jessica are Instagram models. They run into Cole and Sheri at The Atlanta Airport. The girls hoped they’d run into Cole and Sheri. They haven’t eaten, but they’re models. They’re use to it. The girls say Instagram is integrated into regular modeling. Designers send the girls clothes to model on Instagram. The more followers you have, the more money you get. They’re not above using their looks to get further. The girls are hardcore crushing on Cole. Cole believes in multiple girlfriends.

Blair freaks out when she sees Tyler at the airport. Blair has met Tyler before. They have a lot of mutual friends. She loves his videos. She’s a huge fan. Tyler gets stopped by a fan wanting a selfie. The taxi cab driver also wanted his autograph. He’s one of the more well-known Youtube stars.

Marty is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. She’s known for 1 viral video she made. She put her own spin on the “safety procedures” Flight Attendants go through before each flight. She likes to keep things interesting. She says people pay attention when it’s funny. She says within a week it had 10 million views. Marty is a single mom. They have a close relationship. They don’t always agree when it comes to dating.

Darius and Cameron are Vine stars. People assume they aren’t smart based on their Vine videos. Their mom went to Harvard. She set them up academically. They were homeschooled. They don’t want to appear too smart, but they’re confident about winning.

When the teams arrive in Mexico City, they have to find Phil at The Monument of the Revolution. The teams rush to waiting taxi cabs. Brittany and Jessica get to Phil first. They’re too busy hugging Phil to notice the clue box next to him. The Frisbee Players swoop in and grab a clue.

Their clue is a Detour: “Mariachi Madness or Great Bulls of Fire.” Mariachi is a Mexican tradition. There are 350 Mariachi players in a plaza. They have to find 1 musician faking it. When they find the musician blowing hot air, they will receive their next clue. Fireworks are an integral part of Mexican celebrations. “Great Bulls of Fire” requires the teams to take a crack at building a Torrido. The teams have to build the frame to a paper mache bull. It’s loaded with fireworks. Then they have to light the fireworks. After they light the fireworks, they will get their next clue.

Mariachi Madness: Brodie and Kurt, Erin and Joslyn, Zach and Rachel, Sheri and Cole, Dana and Matt. So the Frisbee players arrive first, and Brodie starts yelling “Who’s fake playing!?” They start walking around listening, and they think they found a fake player. They were wrong, so they’re off to the plaza to keep searching for the faker. Erin and Joslyn arrive and start searching. FYI: Only Stick your head into the bell of a Trumpet if you want to go deaf. Frisbee boys and internet entertainment reporters think they find the fakers. Both are right. Dana and Matt describe it as a sea of Mariachi Players. Cole and Sheri, and Zach and Rachel continue searching for the Mariachi players. Sheri and Cole/Rachel and Zach arrive with gusto! They start their Mariachi faker search.

Great Bulls of Fire: Brittany and Jessica, Marty and Hagan, Burnie and Ashley, Darius and Cameron, Tyler and Korey, Scott and Blair. Meanwhile Burnie and Ashley and Mary and Hagan are first to arrive to assemble the Great Bulls of Fire. They have paper mache bull examples. Tyler and Korey arrive. The first two teams have a pretty good headstart. Tyler asks about craft nights at home. Blair and Scott arrive soon after. Ashley says she should’ve been a boyscout. Then they crack a few jokes in a majorly annoying voice. Tyler and Korey must have craft night because they’re putting the bull together effortlessly. Marty and Hagan see how well the other team is doing and they get frustrated. Ashley and Burnie are killing eachother with kindness. Last to arrive: The teams who got lost; Darius and Cameron/Brittany and Jessica.

Finishing The Detour: Brodie and Kurt take first place. Erin and Joslyn are in second place. Dana and Matt are currently in third place. Sheri and Cole take fourth place. Sheri and Cole are in fifth place. Tyler and Korey are in sixth place. Mary and Hagan are in seventh. Burnie and Ashley land in eighth place after almost getting set on fire. Scott and Blair finish ninth. Brittany and Jessica are tenth leaving poor Darius and Cameron in last place.

After the teams complete the Detour, they have to find “Cuevas De Teotihuacan.” Dana and Matt/Brodie and Kurt/Joslyn and Erin/Cole and Sheri are the first four to arrive. They get the earliest departure: 7:30am. Zach and Rachel/Tyler and Korey/Marty and Hagan/Scott and Blair get a 7:40am departure time. Brittany and Jessica/Burnie and Ashley/Darius and Cameron get the latest departure time. 7:50am.

The next morning, the first 4 teams take off at 7:30am. The clue is a roadblock. It’s called “Digging up some dirt.” One team member has to go into a cave, and look for 13 pieces of a traditional mask. Basically they dig through the dirt archeological style to find the pieces of the mask. Then they have to put the pieces together and assemble the mask. When they get the approval of a tribal elder, they will receive their next clue.

Kurt, Matt, Erin, Sheri, Zach, Tyler, Scott, Marty, Darius, Jessica, Burnie volunteer. Sheri and Erin complain about being claustrophobic. They get helmets with lights on them so they can navigate their way around. Matt doesn’t know what he’s searching for. Sheri whines about her claustrophobia. Kurt/Matt/Sheri collect 13 pieces. They start searching for the sound of drums. Sheri and Kurt figure out they need 1 color, so they head back to search for more pieces. Jessica and Scott get totally lost looking for the drums. Scott drops pieces along the way. The others are going back and forth collecting pieces they need.

Matt and Erin finish the roadblock first. Their next clue takes them to the pit stop. “Museo Soumaya” is the most visited museum in the country. Tyler and Korey finish second. Zach and Rachel take third place. Darius and Cameron catch up! The finish fourth. Burnie and Ashley finish fifth. Brodie and Kurt finish sixth. Brittany and Jessica find the drums. They finish seventh. Marty is so happy when she finally gets the mask assembled. That puts Marty and Hagan in eighth place. Erin and Sheri are so frustrated they start talking about taking the four-hour penalty. They decide to keep trying. Erin finally gets the mask put together. She’s relieved, and excited. That leaves the two parents in last place. Sheri finally gets her mask together. Scott finishes last.

Matt and Erin finish the leg in first place. Tyler and Korey reach the pit stop in second place. Phil makes fun of Tyler’s hair. Zach and Rachel finish the first leg in third place. They tell their “Mexican host” they make magical short videos. Then they take a selfie with Phil and their host Christina. Darius and Cameron are relieved. They finish the first leg in fourth place. Brodie and Kurt finish the first leg in fifth place. Burnie and Ashley are right behind them. They finish sixth. The Instagram models start dancing when they reach the matt in seventh place. Marty and Hagan are team number eight. Thanks to their fast cab driver, Sheri and Cole are team number nine. That leaves Erin and Joslyn in tenth, and Scott and Blair finish the leg last. Luckily, this is a non-elimination leg. The father/daughter team live to see another leg.


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