Yolanda Foster Nails Kyle Richards As A Pot Stirrer For Mentioning Her Kids’ Health

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And so it goes every week, Yolanda Foster inundates us with talk of her “journey.” This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is no different, but perhaps more intense. Yolanda went after Lisa Vanderpump hard. A smidge of Yolanda’s wrath was reserved for Kyle Richards, but LVP got the lion’s share.

When Lisa stated that Yolanda’s ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, didn’t believe his children Anwar and Bella, had Lyme disease, she flipped Yolanda’s maternal switch.

“Discussing my children’s and my health issues with the intent to provoke doubt or gossip is not OK. I shared my concerns about my children’s health with Kyle on two separate occasions with plenty of opportunity for her to ask questions. She chose to bring it up once again at her barbecue just to stir the pot without any consciousness or consideration about the fact that it was my children she was talking about.”

So naturally over lunch, Yolanda pulled out the test results that prove the kids have Lyme. Like any normal mother would, right? Um…

“I went to “great lengths” to show Lisa and Kyle my kids’ medical records just to finally shut down the conversation. Our journey is backed up with black and white proof, so if you have time to gossip about such a sensitive subject, why can’t you make time to review the facts of it?”

Yolanda insisted on an apology, mainly from LVP. Not to Yolanda herself, but to her children.

“I am an adult and have learned to accept people’s ignorance on the matter of Lyme and invisible chronic disease in general. Both my children deserve a sincere apology from those adults who cast doubt on their journey and put this bad seed out in the universe.”

Okay, YoYo, settle down. I’m not sure the universe cares what the Housewives get up to. But while Yolanda shook her finger at Kyle and Lisa, she was happy Erika spilled the tea.

Erika did what a good friend does: She brought me truthful information which was accurate. There is a difference between talk that is factual and trash talk.”

In the meantime, Yolanda has better things to do than worry about her “Hollywood” friends.

“Treatments, pain and severe fatigue still keep me in bed 18 out of my 24 hours each day, but I am grateful for the luxury of reading and writing again. Healing the brain is a slow process and on its own clock… I’m am excited to start another healthy week of nourishing my body with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, energizing and immune-building foods. During this week I will be consuming over 35 different types of vegetables and 14 different types of beans, nuts and seeds.”

I must have turned psychic overnight because I see a diet and health book in Yolanda’s future. So what’s your take on this situation? Was Yolanda out of line for skewering Kyle and Lisa at lunch? Or did she have every right to defend her kids? 


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