Cynthia Bailey Confesses Marriage With Peter Thomas Is “On The Rocks” Again! #RHOA

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Cynthia and Peter_RHOA

In this week’s chapter of, Say It Ain’t So, we learn that Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’ marriage is once again “On the rocks.” Are divorce rumors in the air instead of love? The culprit, the couple claims, is their never-relenting separate ventures.

Cynthia says, “Peter and I are doing okay.” She explains that Peter, “spends really most of his time in Charlotte at Sports One. I am between Atlanta, New York and LA. It’s not easy because we are really in a long distance relationship.”

Earlier this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter and Cynthia had to relive his coziness captured on film with another woman at “the club.” Will history repeat itself? 

The reality star admits,

“It’s definitely not the ideal situation to be in.” Adding, “It’s kind of nice—no matter how busy you are—to sleep in the same bed at night.”

So how much time are the couple spending together? Cynthia confesses it’s not much.

“I would say we were actually with each other on a good month, maybe five days a month… maybe one week out of the month. That’s where we are at now and maybe it’s the past three months it’s been like that.”

So what does the future hold? Cynthia reveals for now marriage is about sacrifices – all kinds.

“Again, when you are married, you do have to make certain sacrifices, especially when you are both entrepreneurs and we’ve both been successful,” Cynthia explains. “We want to remain successful, so we are on our grind right now. So we have a little less time to actually grind [on] each other if you know what I mean.”


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