Inside Teresa Giudice’s Bookends Book Signing Event In Ridgewood, NJ — Exclusive Details, Video & Photos

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Teresa Giudice Book Signing in Ridgewood, NJ_RHONJ

On Wednesday, Feb 10, fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey fraudster,Teresa Giudice, gathered for the launch of her “Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again,” book signing tour. All About the Tea sent a representative to the event, who reported on all the juicy details. 

“I arrived at Bookends at 5:30 pm and the store was empty. There were no lines outside.” Our snitch continued, “I spoke with the store manager and he told me that approximately 100 people were expected to attend. I was instructed to buy the book and return at 6:15 pm in order to secure a good spot.”

Affectionately known as Trehuggers, Giudice fans paid $26.00 for a copy of the reality TV star’s memoir to gain entry to the event. The signing was held at Bookends Book Store, located in Ridgewood, N.J. Attendees were ushered into a cramped, “hot” and “stuffy” basement for the gathering. Giudice arrived late for her own event, 30-minutes to be exact. She wore a navy blue lace dress and shiny nude heels. 

Teresa made her grand entrance at 7:30 pm, which was about a half hour late. Many of the people waiting were either anxious or slightly angry with her tardiness. However, she made her entrance, walking down the long stairway accompanied by her lawyer, James Leonard Jr., and a lot of security.”

“The crowd of about 150 people roared! She was greeted by a gaggle of local press and the next 10-minutes were spent getting her picture taken by various media outlets. This was the only press that I saw and they left immediately following the photo-op.”

The attendees were described as a mixed crowd,

“A mix of women and gay men. Some drove for hours to get there. They were all clearly Trehuggers and extremely excited to be there. Most people felt this event was very important because it was the first book signing since her release from house arrest.”

Teresa Giudice Book Signing in Ridgewood, NJ_RHONJ

The biggest surprise of the evening was the appearance of Jacqueline Laurita, who looked “amazing!”

“I don’t know if the camera adds weight or she [Jacqueline Laurita] has been dieting, but she is tiny and looked amazing!”

“I have to admit that I turned into a bit of a fan with Jacqueline. She was standing about two-feet away from me and I called out to her and asked if she would allow my son to take some pictures of us. She was very gracious, put her arm around me and my son snapped away.”

“Many of the women around us were very angry that Jacqueline was there, they felt she was trying to steal Teresa’s thunder.  I, on the other hand, thought it was the best part of the night.”

New RHONJ housewives joining the cast for season 7, Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker also attended the event in support of Giudice,

“There were also two of the women that are rumored to be new housewives. I kept hearing the names Delores and Siggy. I found this surprising because I did not see any Bravo cameras and I don’t believe this event was filmed for RHONJ.” 

According to our rep, Teresa appeared “subdued” during the book signing process,

“The book signing process went very quickly once started. Teresa signed each book and a Bookends staff person took each person’s phone to get the shot of Teresa and her fan. She seemed pleasant but subdued during this process. It felt like she was trying very hard to be happy but there was no joy to be found. It appeared that she wanted to do her job and get out of there.”

Teresa Giudice Book Signing in Ridgewood, NJ_RHONJ

Despite everything, Giudice fans seem to be standing by their beloved Bravo felon and all is forgiven!

The New Jersey housewife did not address the crowd of reporters at the event, instead she focused on her “amazingly loyal and supportive fans,” whom she thanked in her prison tell-all. Check out more exclusive video from the event below.

The reality diva returned to her Montville, N.J. home after serving 11.5 months of a 15-month sentence in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud. Giudice’s house arrest ended on February 5.

Check out more photos below from the Bookends book signing event on Feb 10.


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