Teresa Giudice One-On-One With Andy Cohen [Part 2] — Prison Ruined Her Brand & She’s Voting For Trump

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We’re back in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse for part two of Andy Cohen’s one on one interview of Teresa Giudice.

This time, the viewers get to ask Teresa questions. She talks about having sex with Joe her first night out of jail. The girls piled into their bed. After they were asleep, she and Joe scurried to another room in the middle of the night. TMI. Way, way TMI. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. Where’s the mind bleach, people?

One Twitter comment slammed Teresa for her refusal to admit fraud, stating that she did more than “sign papers.” It made him so angry, he wanted to flip a table. Teresa’s reply? “Flip a table.”

Apparently every prison movie you’ve seen is true and girl sex runs rampant. But Teresa wasn’t bothered. “I don’t a problem with it. If that’s what they want to do to let their time go by, God bless them.” She called it gay for stay, and the women who indulged lived a double life. “They’d be hanging out with their husbands on the weekend and then during the week, they’d be with their girlfriend. I would see…in the visiting room with my kids and my husband and then I would see them hanging out with their husband, and I didn’t even know…”

In her new book, she talks about her time on Celebrity Apprentice. The Donald was fond of Joe Giudice. They shared a nice camaraderie. Andy asked if she was pulling for Donald in the upcoming election. “Of course I’m going to vote for Donald Trump. I think he’s amazing. I think he’ll make a great president.”

Has anyone broken the news to Teresa that felons can’t vote? No? Oh, well. So what was a regular day in prison for our fraudster?

“I would get up at 6:30…then check my email. I’d go do yoga from 7:45-9:30. Then after that, if the weather was nice, I’d walk the track or run the track. In the beginning, I used to go to short line. I’d have lunch at 10:30 and it got moved to 11:00… Then I’d have my coffee, watch the news, watch CNN. Then after that I’d take a nap, get up, work out again…then we’d have count time at 4:00. I did have a job on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. After breakfast, I would wipe down the tables. That was my job. Then I’d work out, have dinner, have coffee—I’d have coffee after every meal, and then go to the gym. Watch some TV at night and then go to bed.”

Sounds like my years in college, but without all the physical fitness.

When the guards found tweets attributed to Teresa, they shook her down because they suspected she was hiding a phone. (Teresa actually sent her tweets through Gia.) 

“They tell you to get out of your room…took us to another room, told us to wait there and an officer came and took me and my roommate to the bathroom separately. We had to strip down again, bend down and cough. They strip searched our whole room. Turned everything upside down, ripped the mattresses out, checked our lockers.”

Nevertheless, the guards were “really nice” and had seen the show.

What does Teresa tell the kids about Joe’s upcoming imprisonment? “We told them that daddy’s going to go to work.”

Andy wondered how much the kids really knew. Teresa admits they might know more than what she’s revealed.

“Even when they came there they saw Danbury Prison Camp. I said, ‘Mommy has to live here. I’m writing a book about being in prison.’ I’m sure Milania and Gabriella are smart little girls. They’re not asking the questions, they love Mommy…when they get older, believe me, Joe and I will sit them down and tell them everything.”

How does the drama in jail compare to Housewife drama?

“Could you imagine being with 220 women? On the Housewives, it’s only five or six women. I never knew that girls could start so much drama before. It’s like, if one person knew one thing, it spread like fireflies. Like the whole camp would know.”

“Wildfire, did you mean?” Andy asked. Teresa laughed and squeaked, wrongfully assuming she was charming.

Did Teresa receive special treatment?

“Not at all. If anything, I was looked at, I think…everyone looked at me the most, all the other inmates. People got away with sharing each other’s minutes…when I first got there, I ran out of minutes, after two weeks I got there…and then it was Milania’s birthday…and I was so upset because I couldn’t call her. Some of the other girls were saying to me, ‘use my phone’…if I use your phone, I know I’ll get a shot. I’m glad I didn’t because all eyes were on me.”

How did Teresa celebrate her own birthday behind bars?

“A few girls there had a dinner for me. I was friends with the cook in the kitchen and she made me grilled chicken with fresh spinach, sautéed with garlic over spaghetti and she made me a great salad. It was nice. Believe it or not, they do have prison parties. Everyone cooks and gets together. They even dance in there. I was, like, shocked when I saw that. I didn’t want that. I thought people would make a big deal about that, so it was just like four or five of us.”

How did jail time affect her brand? “All my businesses went to shit with this whole legal thing. So I have to rebuild now…”

Teresa has written about the women she met in Danbury. She claims they’re not upset by her using them as fodder, but she hasn’t been in touch with them. She’s not allowed contact unless she’s granted permission by her probation officer. After being released, Teresa remained on home confinement.

“Thank God it wasn’t so bad. I have no problem following directions, following rules. I had to tell my probation officer what I had planned each day…working is allowed.”

Is there any karma in Teresa’s fall from grace?

“No, I don’t really believe in the whole karma thing. I’m sure people said…Danielle Staub said that was karma. If that’s what she thinks, God bless you.”

What would Teresa do if Caroline Manzo reached out? “I’d be open to it. Having lunch with her, whatever she wants to do.” She blew kisses at the screen. “Caroline, love you.”

Rumors flew during Teresa’s lockup. Those rumors not only fueled the tabloids, they made their way to the neighboring men’s prison.

“I was in the tabloids a lot. There was a men’s facility where we were, they were behind the fence. It was so cute, all the Italian guys down there were looking out for me…”

So how has Teresa changed?

“I’m definitely calmer. I try not to sweat the small stuff. I’m focusing on my family.”

I’m not convinced she’s changed at all. She still can’t admit to her fraudulent actions. She’s still lying to her girls. What do you think? Is this a new and improved Teresa we see or the same old Tre?


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