Lisa Rinna Wants To Know Why Did Yolanda “Twist The Truth” #RHOBH

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Lisa Rinna’s character took a besmirching on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Having had her own sit down with Yolanda, Rinna thought the past was behind her. That she and YoYo were starting anew.

“…I was happy to move forward with regards to Yolanda and this situation. Clearly, I was the only one who felt this way, because she certainly didn’t have any intention of letting me move forward based on the way she used me as a scapegoat with LVP and Kyle during their lunch.”

In her blog this week, Lisa loftily quotes John Adams—which she probably scoured from the interwebz—and defends herself.

“…I went to Yolanda’s home to own my sh– and be straight with Yolanda about the whole Munchausen moment. While there, she asked me if LVP had said that her kids didn’t really have Lyme disease. I answered only that they had been “very lightly” discussing the subject at Kyle’s BBQ. I never verified that LVP had said anything about the kids’ Lyme disease.”

I’ll admit, Rinna has gotten on my last nerve this season. She hasn’t had much of a storyline, unless you count throwing out Kim Richards name every second and getting her ass waxed. But I’m on her side in this Yolanda situation.

“…at lunch with Kyle and LVP, Yolanda said, “And then she (me, Lisa Rinna) also mentioned that you (LVP) said that Bella and Anwar do not have Lyme disease.” I never said that! These lips never spoke those words. So, why did Yolanda twist the truth about my involvement? Why try to “alter the state of facts and evidence”? Why would a woman who speaks so passionately of her own high vibrational living want to invest her limited energies into something like this?”

Agreed. Why does Yolanda care so damned much? For someone who claims to be living above it all, she sure gets her knickers twisted very easily. And Rinna was right to call out Erika Jayne and expect a truthful answer. When Erika lied about being the one who took the gossip to Yolanda, Rinna’s character was still in question.

“Something just isn’t adding up for me here. Particularly when Yolanda was the first one to mention her kids’ Lyme diagnosis in this public forum. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, oops…I mean Holland!”

But even with all this drama, Rinna cheers on the return of Yolanda’s fiery personality.

“Watching her scold LVP and question her with such clarity and authority while unnecessarily throwing my name into the ring, a part of me wanted to stand up and applaud this extremely coherent woman who we haven’t seen for quite some time!”

Did Yolanda do the right thing by going after LVP, throwing Rinna to the wolves, and protecting her bud, Erika, in one short lunch? Or are you on Rinna’s side?


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