Erika Girardi Defends Her Cowardly Tattle-Tale Actions “I Am Not a Liar”

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Erika Girardi is like that new cool kid in school. You hang with her, thinking it makes you cool, too. And when she bums a smoke from that broody bad boy in art class, the one you’ve been drooling over all semester, you take a drag and try not to cough up a lung. You want to be just like Erika. She’s a fierce bitch and doesn’t give a damn about anything but having fun. She’s all attitude and in-your-face rebellion.

Until the campus cop turns the corner and spots you. That’s when you look around and notice Erika has beat feet, and you’re left holding the evidence. Then you realize that you can never count on the Erikas of this world. She’ll court trouble, but when that trouble shows up, she’ll save herself and never take your back. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have forgotten the important life lesson the rest of us learned in middle school: never trust the cool chick!

Last week Erika told tales to Yolanda Foster about Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump questioning whether Yolanda’s preternaturally beautiful kids, Bella and Anwar, suffer from Lyme disease.

This week, the fallout is upon us, and instead of fessing up to what she did, Erika denied everything. She can own her tacky videos, her boob-baring outfits, and her use of dirty words, but she can’t tell the truth about spilling the tea.

“First off, I am not a pussy or a liar. I never said that Lisa Rinna was the one who said anything about Yolanda‘s children.”

That was never the question. The ladies wanted to know if Erika was Yolanda’s informant. Nice deflection, though.

“When Yolanda asked me what happened at the BBQ, I told her that Kyle and Lisa VanderpumpWhat Yolanda goes and does with that information, I do not know. She obviously has every right to confront people who were talking about her children, and she did so without my knowledge.”

Erika’s knowledge of the sit down between Yolanda, LVP, and Kyle isn’t relevant here, is it? Again, she strayed off topic. Guilty people do that, you know.

And Erika was miffed when the ladies brought up the subject after her club performance. Because if there’s one thing you should never, ever do, it’s question Erika after she patted the pussy in front of bare-assed backup dancers. She will take her gladiator sandals and kick your ass. Or get loud and deny her culpability. 

“Confronting or attempting to ambush me in my room, at my party, after my performance seems rather contrived. “Getting to the bottom” of this seems to be of great concern to these women, yet no one would be talking about this if it wasn’t for them questioning/talking about Yolanda and her kids in the first place.”

Erika is pretty snide in her opinion of the other ladies trying to corner her to get a confession.

“After mulling it over and being the great detectives they are, they realize it’s me who told Yolanda what happened at the BBQ. So what? She’s my friend, she asked what happened, and I told her. Let’s not try to shift the blame on to me in order to detract from their behavior (Munchausen, kids, etc.). No one in this room needs to pretend to be the victim. These women are not stupid and are quite aware of every move they make and every word they say.”

Erika isn’t as ballsy and fearless as she likes to pretend. If she were, she’d own up to speaking to Yolanda and not apologize for it. Instead, she straight up lied.

“As far as me “shutting down” this conversation…yes it should be shut down, the whole thing. No more talking about the validity of Yolanda‘s illness and no more talking about her children’s health. This is not acceptable and it is not the way “friends” treat each other.”

That may be. I’m not going to quibble about Erika’s definition of friendship. But in my opinion, all that Erika love that has been permeating the Twitterverse was premature. I’m still on the fence about her. But what do you think? Do you love the new cool chick? Was Erika right to deny, deny, deny? Or should she have told the truth and shamed the devil?


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