Bombshell Details of Yolanda & David Foster’s Divorce — Spousal Support Amount & More!

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Yolanda and David Foster’s divorce has hit a major downbeat. News has leaked regarding the amount of spousal support Yolanda is seeking and you’re not going to believe how much. To the tune of $100,000 per month, which is $1.2 million a year; a very bitter note as far as David is concerned.

When we first met the couple on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills they seemed very much in love – more so than any of the other couples, in fact. But all of that has come crashing down like bad acoustics in a recording studio. Many speculate that David could no longer tolerate his often ill wife and her Lyme disease.

A source is saying that, “David is planning to fight for every dollar.” Adding that, “He’s at wit’s end. But Yolanda feels like he should still take care of her.”

Yolanda Foster filed for divorce from David Foster last month. The couple had been married for four years before separating. 

What do you think? Should the two just split what they have down the middle and go their separate ways or should David continue to pay for Yolanda’s encore?


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