Twitter Blasts Yolanda Foster For Defending Erika Girardi’s LIES! #RHOBH

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Erika Girardi and Lisa Rinna_Yolanda_RHOBH

Yolanda Foster’s dramatic chops are recovering along with her body, as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star puts a new spin on an increasingly sick story. 

During last night’s episode, Yolanda blasted Lisa Vanderpump for spreading rumors about the health of her children, based on information allegedly relayed by their father, Mohamed Hadid. 

A question from Kyle snowballed into the scandalous blurt of the season, and the #proudmommy is on the warpath, to blast those responsible. Lisa Rinna was tagged as the one who supposedly hyped the murmuring, although viewers all know that Erika Girardi was the culprit that spilled the lemony tea. Erika’s lips haven’t left Yolanda’s diseased cheeks since the season began, so it’s no surprise that Yolanda left the obvious snitch out of her accusatory rant.  Fans busted Yolanda last night on Twitter, calling her out for her selective finger pointing.

Miss #KidsOffLimit FOSTER was the one who threw her kids to the Bravo wolves, by dragging their private lives into her loony televised Lyme “awareness” arena. Plenty of people on social media agreed.

Other posters dug up some choice past history, noting that Yolanda easily dismissed her bestie, Brandi Glanville’s past verbal dagger, aimed at Yo’s daughter, Bella.

Yolanda made excuses for Erika, dismissing the fact that Erika blatantly LIED, in the face of an opportunity to put her badass persona where her mouth is, and own her words.

Yolanda Foster equates LOYALTY with LYING….which says it all. The writing is on the wall….no Instagram pic or trashy dance beats necessary.


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