Most Shocking Revelations from Teresa Giudice’s Good Morning America Interview

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It’s #TeresaTuesday, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey star kicked off her new Bravo-leb freedom, by appearing on Good Morning America. 

The at-home interview segment begins with a recap of Teresa’s fall from reality royalty to jailed thief, with a few flashback clips of Teresa’s greatest hits. Teresa sits down with  ABC News’ Amy Robach, and launches into her old shtick, assuring viewers that she had NO idea that she was committing a crime. Teresa comments that “the government saw it differently” and that she “was served time.” She pulls off remembering her inmate number, giving fans hope that she has the mental capacity to fulfill her future reading challenges. Teresa assures us that she doesn’t need those fancy clothes and purses [that jam her closet] and did just fine without hair and makeup. 

She describes prison life as hell, with moldy bathrooms and cold running water. Teresa tells of her prison career as a kitchen table wiper, where she earned $.12 an hour.  ABC shows us some cute jailhouse pics of Teresa and the gang, as Teresa shares that her experience changed her perception of jailed women. Teresa comments that she could hold her own in the clink, despite cat-fights, and inmates’ attempts to start drama. It was nothing like RHONJ, because she was forced to ward off the drama, off-script. Her new book and press struggles are brought into the convo, and Robach asks why she chooses to stay in the spotlight, if the paparazzi is such a burden. Teresa responds by informing Amy that she lives in NJ, not Hollywood. Teresa dodges a question about her future with Joe, and gushes that they are just taking one bliss-filled day at a time.

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In the second segment, Teresa joins Amy in the studio, for her first live appearance, since her release. Teresa is so happy, because she is now free to take her girls to all of their pricey activities.  Teresa states that her restitution bill has been paid, her mansion is no longer in foreclosure, and proclaims “everything good.” A viewer asks what she would teach her daughters about the experience. Teresa advises to always read what you sign, ignoring urging the choice to “see things” the way the government does. Amy asks what they plan to tell their daughters about Joe leaving to serve his prison sentence. 

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Teresa alleges that her daughters are complete dunces, blabbering that in their family, prison is called “camp.” Teresa assures us that she doesn’t blame Joe for the paperwork debacle, and that their marriage is stronger than ever. She asserts that her girls and Joe are the only things that matter, at least until March. Teresa exercised 3X a day in prison, and plans to get certified in yoga, adding that the practice “changed her life.” ABC repeats the Danbury pics, where we see Teresa’s prison sisters striking some fierce poses. 

Teresa Giudice jail pic with logo 2

Teresa comments that she’s an open book, and fans will see transparent felon honesty on the new season of the show. She encourages fans to read her book, where she reveals every intimate detail of her life, since she moment she exited her mother’s womb.

Teresa looked almost like herself, with the exception of her prison arms, and more subdued demeanor. What did think of Teresa’s first interview?     


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