Brandi Glanville Slams #RHOBH Cast & Claims Kyle Richards Wasn’t at Monty’s Memorial

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Kyle Brandi Fight Twitter

Brandi Glanville has yet to make an appearance on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the booted reality star isn’t happy. 

The 43-year-old took to her podcast Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, on Friday, to insert herself into the drama. Glanville created a whole segment around the subject, called Brandi Fires Back, sort of a feeble middle finger to Bravo, that no one has to see. 

Brandi kicked off the segment by hitting her rinse and repeat button, firing back at Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, for daring to breathe her name on the show. 

 “Those bitches are cowards,” Brandi said. “They’re gonna talk about people that can’t defend themselves because they don’t want to talk about each other.  So I’m just going to address things that were said about me, and then I will have my side out there and they can f**k off.”

Brandi commented about Lisa’s assertion that Brandi was possessive, during their friendship.

“Lisa [Vanderpump] said that the problem with me is I wanted her all to myself and I didn’t want her to be friends with anyone else, so I was ruining those relationships, because she’s such a prize and I needed to be with her and I couldn’t allow her to have other friends,” Brandi explained.

“The truth be told is the bitch didn’t like any of the other ladies,” Brandi said. “The case is you don’t like anyone and needed a sidekick and that was me.  She hates Kyle, she hates Faye [Resnick], she didn’t like Kim — she dismissed her. She didn’t like Yolanda [Foster] … so yeah, b***h, that wasn’t the case.” 

Brandi spoke directly to Lisa, commenting,

“I thought you were all things amazing and now I realize that you’re not.” 

Brandi revisited the drama between Kyle and her sister, Kim Richards, and slammed Kyle for not attending Monty Brinson’s memorial service.    

 “Kyle went on to say that I was the catalyst that ripped her and Kim apart, yet I was at Monty’s memorial yesterday, and she was not there. And I don’t think I had anything to do with that,” Brandi said.

Brandi’s co-host, Mark Hasche, also attended the service, and backed up Brandi’s claim. Monty died last month after a long battle with cancer. He and Kim were married for three years, and they shared one daughter.

“Here are the facts. The facts are that I am Kim’s friend,” Brandi continued.   “They have always had family problems, and they continue to, and it has nothing to do with me.” 

Brandi continued her rant against Kyle, addressing her new Celebrity Apprentice gig. 

“I do think that Kyle will do really well on the show, because she is a really good liar, and she’s very manipulative, and she has a lot of friends with a lot of money,” she dished. “When we were friends, when I was on Apprentice and called her for money, she did not donate. Just saying.”

Brandi did have some nice things to say about a few of the RHOBH ladies. 

“There’s only room for one queen bee and her name is Yolanda, so back the f**k off, b***hes!” she shouted. “And I like Erika Jayne and I like the other new girl, Kathryn [Edwards].”

Lisa Rinna stepped into it, and defended Kyle and Lisa on Twitter, on Sunday. “Shut up @BrandiGlanville leave @LisaVanderpump and @KyleRichards alone,” she tweeted. “Use your podcast to educate and inspire people. Move on baby.” Kyle co-signed, by retweeting the sentiment.

Brandi is expected to pop on later in the season, after being all but shut-out thus far. Allegedly, Lisa Vanderpump leaned on Bravo to ditch her former bestie’s footage, to keep Beverly Hills trash-free. How do you think fans will receive Brandi, when she shows up in Bravo’s 90210?    


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