Yolanda Foster Felt “Tremendous” Disappointment With The Gossip About Her Kid’s Health

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Take a deep breath with me as we wade through Yolanda Foster’s blog, where she simultaneously touts taking the high road while slamming the other ladies for not giving her total and unconditional acceptance. Oh yeah, and she talks a lot about her “journey.”

Yolanda claims that Lyme disease has become her life’s priority, her higher calling.

“I’ve taken my battle public because we need a change. I’m not afraid of uninformed people being reactive or judgmental of my illness… Yes, fashion, jewelry, shoes or handbags would be more rewarding for some. Not for me, because I accept the cards life has dealt me, and I understand the higher purpose of my journey.”

But on the other hand, she says that watching her daughters walk in Paris is a dream come true.

“I am so proud and inspired by my girls and their Paris Couture week! It’s a surreal emotion to see not one–but two–of your children working in an industry that follows your footsteps… I could only have dreamed to walk a Chanel show for Karl Lagerfeld, let alone watch my daughters do it 30 years later.”

And this is the problem I have with Yolanda. All of us involve ourselves with minutiae every day. Hey, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn’t a life changing experience. We don’t watch because it’s good for our souls. But Yolanda preaches about the ignorance of others and her journey into self-discovery, while never acknowledging that it’s okay to partake in the trivial things of life. Like fashion. If she would—and have a tiny spark of humor instead of that dour sermonizing—I think she’d find more people would be sympathetic to her cause.

But she’s not. Instead, she says things like this:

“Every day is a new chance at getting well and finding a cure! Its [sic] a full-time job and a mission that requires all that I have. I feel like I operate on a different vibration, though, so it’s hard for me to comprehend a lot of the negative thinking around all of this.”

That negative thinking she’s talking about involves people like Lisa Rinna, who brought up Munchhausen Syndrome. Even while Yolanda says she’s let go of Rinna’s comment, she still holds a grudge.

Lisa Rinna‘s visit…I feel reluctant, because even though it is hard to look back, the truth is that I’ve let it go. I don’t have an ego in this or the energy to hang on to negativity. The short of it is I felt tremendous disappointment in hearing the women continuously cast doubt on my health journey and especially that of my children. It doesn’t feel good. But it’s real life, and I will only seek to control what I can. The best apology I could hope for is changed behavior, so let’s see what the future brings.”

She’s not happy about Lisa Vanderpump’s comment questioning Bella’s and Anwar’s Lyme diagnosis either.

“The other day I heard a line in the news… It said that where there is fire there is always wind (speaking on recent California fires). Wind is the number one cause of fire. Somehow this line completely resonated with me and gave me a visual of the conversation I saw Lisa provoke about me. So, if we do not produce the wind, we can avoid the fire.”

Yes, Yolanda has been through a lot. Her pain, particularly over the divorce with husband, David, is real.

“…Kyle‘s line about 20 years married in Beverly Hills being like 100! That line made me smile, because it’s true. I haven’t gotten there, but I can say as a hopeless romantic, it was always my intention.”

But for me, the air of martyrdom coupled with a sanctimonious attitude drowns out her message. What’s your take on Yolanda? Are you feeling sympathy or are you tired of the Lemon-Lyme Goddess delivering sermons from on high every week?


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