‘Teen Mom OG’ Fans Call Catelynn Baltierra Out For Being Lazy & Lacking Motivation!

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Fans have watched Teen Mom OG couple, Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra grow from foolish teen lovers from harsh backgrounds, to a married couple with a child. 

MTV recently aired their long-awaited wedding, and is now addressing individual issues plaguing the couple. 

Tyler is struggling to find a meaningful career, and Catelynn is dealing with mommy stress. Catelynn shared about her struggles on Twitter, and fans nailed her for her lazy reputation. 

Every mom needs an occasional break, but one follower spilled that Catelynn is allegedly enjoying lots of time off. 

The same follower blasted Cate and Tyler, for their obvious MTV supported realities. 

Catelynn blames postpartum depression for her lack of motivation, after denying such a condition on the show.  Fans sounded off, not buying Cate’s sob story, and nailing Tyler for his perpetual laziness.

Do you think we will ever see Tyler and Catelynn move toward school or careers?  What will happen to the young family when their reality TV opportunities dry up?


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