NeNe Leakes Speaks Out About Kenya Moore Calling Her A “Backstabber”

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NeNe Leakes is back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, y’all, and she was wearing a crazy ass outfit to prove it! She and husband, Peter, popped up in Jamaica.

“At first I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to surprise the ladies or not, because mentally I was in a totally different head space that was peaceful. I didn’t know if they would receive me well. I also had heard there were some new and old faces around, so I wasn’t sure if our energies would work together [sic]”

NeNe left on bad terms with both Cynthia Bailey and Sheree Whitfield. But all that is behind her. She’s busy selling her shoulderless blouses on HSN and hoofing it on Broadway. NeNe doesn’t have time for old grudges.

“I certainly wiped the slate clean where Sheree is concerned! I mean, I haven’t seen Sheree in years. Literally! We were really cool friends and had good times and good laughs together. We knew each other for years and never had an argument until the famous “fix that body, fix that face” moment, which broke us apart for years. We’ve both grown over those years and are in different places in our lives. It was good to catch up with her again [sic].”

I actually liked seeing these two together. I miss the old crew. Remember when Sheree tried to pull off Kim Zolciak’s wig? Ah, good times.

But while NeNe has forgiven Cynthia, she still has some beef with Kenya Moore.

“I must also address the comments from Kenya, saying I backstabbed Cynthia: I didn’t take kindly to being called a “backstabber,” which is nowhere near my character! I am a lot of things, and I own most of them loud and proud with no problem. Cynthia and I were friends who had a public falling out. We both said things towards each other that were hurtful. There are no victims here! I did no more to her than she did to me!”

NeNe thinks Kenya is just trying to stir up the shit.

“When a person is salty like Kenya is, they try and take you backwards. I’m not in the business of driving my car backwards; I’m in a great place in my life. So with that said, the drama between me and Cynthia is behind us! We have moved on… We are friends!”

As far as the newbies go, NeNe isn’t sure Kim Fields is a good fit.

“Meeting Kim Fields for the first time — she was quiet but nice. She seemed to be an odd fit for this group. Her husband was doing most of the talking.”

So were you happy to see NeNe? Or do you wish she’d stayed on Broadway and out of the Atlanta fray?


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