Kim Zolciak-Biermann Blasts Internet “Bullying Trolls” With a Bikini Photo: “You Are Jealous and It’s a Disease”

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is fighting mad at social media dissenters, and sounded off on Tuesday, via a tantrum on her Instagram page. The Don’t Be Tardy star captioned a personal photo with a rambling diatribe, calling out her critics.    

“Let me share something with you… You see who’s holding me, you see where I am, my kids are here… You know why I have the life I have… Because of how I lived it, how I treat people, what I give back, and how I think… I’m so fuckin over all you bullying trolls! You sit behind a computer screen with your fake profile pictures, your “I love Jesus” in your bio and your private non the less…. Do me a favor hit UNFUCKINFOLLOW.. Get off my page!!! I don’t want your negative energy on my page, I don’t want to share any part of my incredible life (REMEMBER we all have the same 24hrs) with you. You are jealous and it’s a disease, GET THE FUCK UP.. And FIX YOUR LIFE!”

Kim is known for posting photo-shopped selfies, and more recently has come under fire for doing the same for her teen daughters. The video that triggered the drama was one of Kim looking particularly mannequin-chic, sharing some blathering sentiments during a family vacation.   

The video is captioned, “The world is incredible! I’m so thankful … Im feeling blessed, I feel blessed everyday but it’s beautiful to slow down and pause life for a minute and listen to the sound of my kids, my husband and the ocean.”

Her followers responded to her look, and Kim apparently didn’t appreciate the feedback.  Her followers reacted to her follow-up tirade, blasting her right back for her self-absorbed rant.    

“So go enjoy your life and stop being so narcissistic to think that we’re as in love with you as you are. Live your life in person, not through your phone or social media.”

“Karma??? Really? having sex with a 50 year old married man and getting pregnant at 17 seems like living your life right–and then continuing to have affairs with married men after that. Yeah, that’s honorable. YOU need a reality check. And I’m not a troll. Inbox me. I’d love to chat with you about who you were back in the day in Windsor Locks. Something’s NEVER change!!”

“If you can’t take the good comments with the bad then you really shouldn’t put it all over the internet for everyone to see and comment on. Its great that you are happy in your life and posting about it but saying its about your kids and husband and then putting the camera in your surgically enhanced face the whole time just doesn’t make sense and yes we do know why you have your life…your rich husband and we also know why you look like you do…! So get off your high horse and stop getting mad about “trolls” or whatever and stop putting it all out there for the world.”

“I think both positive and negative feedback come along with doing reality tv. Especially if you really put your personal life out there. If you don’t want these comments, then you should make your page private for family and personal friends only. But I have a feeling you like the attention.”

Kim may rant, but attention she LOVES!  What would she do if it all went away?  Then she would REALLY let us have it!



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