Teresa Giudice’s Former Ghostwriter Heather Maclean Hints To Cutting Ties With #RHONJ Star

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Last July, All About the Tea reported the breakup between Real Housewives of New Jersey felon, Teresa Giudice, and her longtime ghostwriter, Heather Maclean. Heather worked closely with Teresa on her successful cookbooks, and their daughters were once good friends. 

In January 2015, Teresa began serving her 15-month prison sentence at Danbury Correctional Facility in Connecticut. During a brief portion of this time, Heather and Teresa communicated and according to a source,

Heather met with Teresa in prison, to discuss penning her slammer tales, with the proposed strategy of luring hungry publishers.  Giudice was floating a claim that she already had a book deal at the time, a typical lie, from an imprisoned fraud. Heather presented a proposal for the project, and Teresa shot her down, also abruptly cutting Heather off from her prison email and visitation lists.” 

Obviously, Teresa was looking for a freebie from her friendly writer connection, and when Heather’s proposal included compensation requirements, the relationship was over.  Heather remained mum for months, but is now speaking out on Twitter. 

Heather alludes to the reality diva, and shares her thoughts about their old alliance. 

Heather nails TRUTH with a Bible verse, and all but points both fingers at  the Teresa Giudice reality.

Heather hit the nail on the proverbial head. Previews of Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, are underwhelming, and allegedly wildly embellished. Heather Maclean dodged a professional bullet, and emerged the winner.      


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