Snitches Get Stitches! Teresa Giudice’s Cellmate On Her Prison Memoir “She’s Going To Have Enemies”

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Prison rule 101 #SnitchesGetStitches!

Enemies? Forget about it. That’s Teresa Giudice’s plan for dealing with all the #jealous inmates in Danbury. However, a former cellmate of the felon princess, Deseree Bradshaw, suggests that snitches should be concerned about their safety. 

“She’s going to have enemies for talking about that,” Bradshaw told InTouch. “A lot of women have husbands and boyfriends on the outside, and they don’t want what they did on the inside to get out. It’s not right.”

Do Vegas rules apply when going to prison? What happens in Danbury stays in Danbury? Apparently so, according to Bradshaw – unless you want to “upset” the wrong people.

“People don’t like being talked about,” Bradshaw says. “Even if she doesn’t name names, we’ll know who she’s talking about, and those people will be upset.”

Prison consultant (which a PC way of saying ex-convict) Larry Levine explains some of the potential consequences.

“If she names names or even so much as provides any identifying features about the women, there’s no saying what could happen to her.” Levine concludes, “They have friends on the outside who could threaten her, harass her, attack her or, worse, put a bullet in her head.”


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