Lisa Rinna Has No Regrets Gossiping About Yolanda Foster & Munchausen Syndrome!

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Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happens Live, invited The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star, Lisa Rinna, to grace his guest chair. Sitting next to her was husband, Harry Hamlin.

On last night’s RHOBH episode, Lisa used the word “engaged” multiple times. Andy tallied them up (5). She never actually admitted to gossiping about Yolanda, instead, she “engaged” in conversations about Yolanda‘s health.

Next, Andy brought up his recent guest, Michele Lee. Remember her from Knots Landing? (Shout out to scripted shows from the 80s!) Anyhoodle, Harry‘s former wife, Nicollette Sheridan, co-starred on that delicious nighttime sudser, and that’s how Michelle got her invite to Harry‘s previous wedding. Sweet story, right Harry? Um, no. Harry didn’t feel like talking about his former wife.

Andy showed pictures of Rinna’s hair evolution over the past twenty years. Not much has changed. A few color tweaks. Sometimes the ends were less wispy. All in all, she looks pretty much the same. Her lips have changed more than her hair.

We also saw clips of Lisa talking about Harry where she referred to him as King and God. And Andy showed us the now infamous fight between Rinna and Kim Richards in Amsterdam last year. Remember when Kim snidely referred to some juicy story involving Harry? Andy wants to know what Kim was referring to. Harry just smiled and laughed at the scene. He jokingly said he released a photo of himself and his Rottweiler, Lola—implying that he’d screwed the pooch. Literally. I still don’t find that joke funny, not even when Lisa voiced it sixteen times last year.

Next, Harry gave his opinion on some of Lisa’s actions as a Housewife.

That Moulin Rouge outfit: “I’d like that in the closet, please.”

The obsessive use of Lysol wipes in a hotel room (Confession time: I’m guilty of that one): “
When we got into New York, all the sudden I turned around and she was wiping the whole place down.”

Does Harry like a hairy bush? “
She’s on the money there. What is it with this? What is it with this shaved thing? This is a pedophile thing, right? I’m sorry, but come on. Am I wrong?”

Yes. You couldn’t be more wrong.

When Lisa sent threatening text messages to Kim Richards, Harry said, “Go, girl. Well, I mean, she can be impulsive from time to time, and I do have to watch out for her. But also, that’s why I married this girl. I got the whole package, okay?”

Lisa responded: “
That is supportive husband right there. When you really eff up and he supports you, that’s everything.”

During last night’s episode, Lisa sat down with Yolanda and apologized for “engaging” in talk about her Lyme disease. But Yolanda took that opportunity to get the scoop on who else has been gossiping about her. Lisa opened up the vault and let it all spew out. Which brings us to our sneak peek.

Next week, Yolanda confronts Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, saying they’re discrediting her disease and her four year journey. Then Yolanda tried to show Bella’s and Anwar‘s test results to LVP. Over salad.

First, all talk of journeys and higher selves should be kept between the pages of a self-help book or in the confessionals from the ladies on The Bachelor. And second, take a seat, Yolanda. You’ve been ill. We know. I’m so sorry you’ve been unwell, but please, I’m begging you, get a new storyline.

Lisa doesn’t regret bringing the other ladies’ gossip to Yolanda’s attention.“I don’t regret anything actually…I learn from things that I do… It’s been a great experience, but I don’t regret…”

Harry interrupted and said Yolanda had a hard time with the word “Munchhausen” this season, whereas she had trouble with the word “cunnilingus” last season.
“They kind of ring the same bell. MUNCH-hausen.”

Oh, Harry. Leave the oral sex jokes to the professionals.

Someone tweeted, asking if the person who first brought up the Munchhausen idea was Lisa’s lip-doppelganger, Taylor Armstrong. Lisa said nope. It was “one of my hairdressers.” A female hairdresser. Hmm.

A caller wondered which Housewife Lisa complained about the most? Harry jumped in, “Lisa’s not a complainer, that’s the one thing I love about her… We always end up saying something good about everybody on the show… We try to see the silver lining.”

Andy was amazed at how great Harry looked and asked what he’d had done. Harry claimed his face was 100% natural. “I’ve never had a facelift. I’ll never put the knife to this face.”

Lisa agreed:

He’s done nothing, I can tell you, not a thing. And I think that’s how guys should be. I’ve had plenty for both of us.”

Another viewer wondered how Lisa and Harry met and what they did to keep the spark alive.

They met when Lisa was working at an eyeglass store. One night, Harry had dinner with the owner and the two met.  As for the spark, Harry said,

“How do we keep it alive? You can take that one, baby. Leave this morning out of it.”

Lisa’s words of marital wisdom:

“You have to make time to keep it alive. You have to make it a priority and you’ve got to keep your man happy.”

The game of the night was I think I want to Harry You. Andy asked a question and both Lisa and Harry yelled out the answer at the same time. Here we go.

Who wears the pants in the marriage? Both agreed it was Harry.

Was it love at first sight? Lisa said no, Harry said yes.

Which is more important, sexy time or family time? Family came first for both of them.

Who makes more money? Lisa said it depends. Whether that was an adult diaper joke, who knows, but she turned it into one. Harry thought that hilarious and declared Lisa the bread winner.

Which Housewife would they invite into a three way? Lisa yelled out Eileen Davidson‘s name, but Harry wisely refused to answer.

I learned a couple of things from watching these two together. Number one, Harry thinks Rinna is uproariously funny. And when Harry laughs, he slaps his knee like my grandpa used to do. Which was mildly charming.

So do you think Lisa was right to take her misdeeds to Yolanda? And should she have kept her mouth shut about the other ladies’ gossip?


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