NeNe Leakes Goes On Instagram Rant About Kenya Moore’s “Backstabber” Comment & Kenya Responds!

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On last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, the ladies traveled to Jamaica where NeNe Leakes made a surprise guest appearance.

Later in the episode, Cynthia Bailey denied her BFF status with Kenya Moore during a group dinner. Kenya didn’t take kindly to Cynthia’s flippity-flopping ways and called NeNe Leakes a backstabber.

NeNe then took to her Instagram account to defend herself and blast the former Miss USA. “SAY WHAT! YOU CALLING ME A BACKSTABBER?? I don’t address issues usually but this Backstabber comment coming from Miss Twirl herself @thekenyamoore must be address NOW! I challenge you to ask anyone I have ever been friends with and those I am currently friends with and that includes you asking @kimzolciakbiermann @shereewhitfield @CynthiaBailey10 etc the one thing they will all say about me is that I am a fun girl and I have a heart! In order to back stab a person you have to intentionally set out to do harm to someone and that ain’t me! When and if we fall out! I will read you, fall out and move on! You don’t have to worry about me because I’m not worrying about you. With that said, I have been back stabbed by those I loved, cared for and supported! I’am not in the business of harming people and I am not evil. NOW TWIRL ON THAT.” Her post captioned, along with a green screen photo of herself.

After Leakes posted her long public rant, Kenya, who happened to be live in the Bravo Clubhouse at the time, snapped back! And the reality diva stands by her initial comments. 

“I think friendships, when you have them and they’re real, that you don’t spill each other’s secrets and you don’t come after their livelihood—all things that NeNe did. Now whether or not she was acting out of emotion at the time…but don’t say you didn’t betray her because I do believe and I stand firm in that belief.” Kenya told Andy Cohen.

Whose side are you on? NeNe or Kenya? Sound off in the comments.


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