Kyle Richards Feels Faye Resnick’s A “Pre-Judged” Target And The Ladies Need To “Move On”

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Kyle Richards Feels Faye Resnick Is A "Target & Pre-Judged" And The Ladies Need To "Move On"_RHOBH

Kyle Richards seems to live in an alternate universe—a place where family troubles are never acknowledged, where Lisa Vanderpump is the tea-sipping villainess, carefully calculating her next move to destroy another Housewife, where Faye Resnick is the kind of friend you want in your circle, and where a barbecue equals sushi.

On last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle defends Faye to the hilt and tosses everyone else aside like they’re last year’s muumuus.

“Last week we were introduced to Kathryn. I knew there was a connection between her and Faye but didn’t know if they had actually met. I liked Kathryn and decided to include her in the “BBQ” I was planning.”

Um, Kathryn flat out told you she’d never met Faye when you had drinks with her. Did Kyle think she was lying?

“I was very happy Yolanda made the effort to come. I didn’t think she would be able to since she had just had her explant surgery.”

But when Lisa Vanderpump pointed out that Mohamed Hadid, Yoldanda’s ex, didn’t believe his kids suffered from Lyme, Kyle immediately donned that insipid expression—you know the one, where her jaw hangs open, she blinks rapidly, flicks her tongue to the corner of her mouth and says, “I don’t understand. What do you mean?” about seventeen times.

“In regards to Yolanda‘s children, she had already told me personally that they both have Lyme disease. What Lisa was saying didn’t make sense, frankly. I was taken aback, and it was obviously confusing. While Lisa seemed annoyed I questioned what she said (I do regret asking too much), she said it. And although she said, “I don’t want to talk about it,” she already had. It was out there.”

It was out there because Yolanda put it out there, not only on the show, but all over social media.

Next, Kyle claims she didn’t place Kathryn Edwards and Faye across from each other at the dinner table.

“While I did not personally choose where the place cards went, I have to take responsibility since it is my home. Although, I’m not sure that would have changed the outcome anyway.”

I seriously don’t believe a word that comes out of this woman’s mouth.

“I was surprised that Kathryn made a beeline for Faye at the dinner table. Kathryn and I have only met once before, and she accepted my invitation to dinner in my home knowing Faye is a close friend. I didn’t realize until l saw this just how much venom was being thrown towards Faye.”

First of all, Kyle knew they had a past, and Bravo wanted the two of them together. To pretend otherwise insults the viewers. Second, Kyle placed Kathryn and Faye across from each other without a doubt. Again, we’re not stupid. We know she did it to create drama. Just own it, Kyle. Third, Kathryn hardly made a “beeline.” Personally, I thought she remained very poised for someone whose reputation and marriage got trashed by Faye. But Kyle just doesn’t see it that way.

“Despite Faye and Kathryn‘s obvious connection, I didn’t think it would be an issue as this was something that happened over 20 years ago and was a time that Faye rarely speaks of. This was a very painful time for many, and it’s not exactly something anyone wants to reminisce about.”

I don’t think that conversation could be construed as reminiscing. Kathryn confronted Faye. For once in her life, Faye didn’t have a word to say. She has plenty to snark about when it’s not her business, but this time, when it directly affects her, Faye clams up. Also, she talked about it nonstop when she was trying to pimp her book back in the day. Now, it’s suddenly off limits?

Faye is an easy target and always pre-judged. If people actually met her, they would be surprised. I have always been a good judge of character and would not have had this person in my life this many years if she weren’t the person that she is.”

Faye has made herself an easy target. Even LVP has had enough of this woman. Lisa is still stinging from when Faye went after her during her vow renewal ceremony.

Lisa Vanderpump also had some choice words for Faye in her interviews. I think to be going on about this THIS many years after an event that was WAY blown out of proportion is a bit much. It’s time to move on from that… It’s petty and was made out to be way bigger of a deal than need be . [sic] We’re not in high school.”

If they’re not in high school, why doesn’t Kyle stop doing the splits at every party? She’s not a cheerleader. She needs to stop acting like one.

My distaste for Kyle is evident. I’ll admit, I’m completely biased against her. So what do you think? Am I being too hard her? Do you believe for a minute she didn’t think Kathryn would confront Faye?


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